Mx5 - 2 day Wales tour this weekend


With the expected good weather this weekend, why not join us for 2 days of driving through Wales. Its free, you book your own Saturday night hotel.

Free GPX routes and a turn by turn PDF document.

If interested follow this link to ask to join the FB page:

Oh man! That sounds tremendous.
I’d really like to come over but I’m working on Saturday
Hope everyone has a fantastic time.

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Sadly, I don’t have Facebook :neutral_face:

Why don’t you change that wistful emoji into a smiley face by opening a Facebook account. You don’t have to contribute much, just keep an eye on what’s going on. Knowledge is power.

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You might need 3 days, I read somewhere Wales has adopted 20mph speed limits everywhere🤣

Not everywhere,but try telling that to some of the locals

We did thank you. Was great to get together with like minded people and enjoy two days of driving. There are some stunning roads in Wales and it really opened my eyes. There was also a lot less traffic.