MX5 as a second car, same main driver?

I’m thinking of getting a C5, and keeping my MX5. So how would that work for insurance? I have full NCD on the MX5 but could I use that for my C5 as well. I would be the main driver on both. My wife has her own car and her own NCD.

In a word… No
I have full on my merc and needed new policy with zero no claims for the 5 and also an astra I have.

What about a multi-car policy, would that be a way round it?

I found when buying a second car I had to start from scratch re NCD.
I now have more or less the same NCD on both cars but the company I am with now, Admiral matched the NCD (mirrored they called it) that of my daily driver.
Best thing you can do as said above try for s multi policy and ask about the NCD “matching”

Each car has its own no claims. However if you go with the same company as your main car they should give you some introductory bonus.
I did have multicar until I built up a couple of years ncb, then it was cheaper to have them on separate policies.

My experience was the same as the above posts. When we bought our first MX5 as our second car, we had to start a new policy. By staying with the same insurer as our main car however, we were given an introductory 1 years NCB on the new policy.
This was “negotiated” over the phone once the comparison sites had all been exhausted. That way I knew before the phone call was made what my best alternative quote would be.
My wife is a named driver on both insurance policies. My mistake was not starting the new policy in my wife’s name so she would build up her own NCB. Now I have two policies in my name, both with NCB’s and my wife has none :disappointed:.
To keep the new premium as low as possible follow the usual guidance:
Add named drivers to the policy
Keep annual mileage as low as possible (but not lower than you actually do). Remember the mileage stated will be for the insured car, not the total annual mileage of both cars.
Fit a dash cam
Cars in household now equals 3?
Increase the excess.
Garage the car (if you can).
Finally, work out which car benefits from the highest NCB discount. You might find it cheaper to change your existing policy to the C5 (they may charge for making a vehicle change to the policy), and then start a new policy for the MX5.

we have been with directline for many years, and found that being a ‘named driver’ the wife/husband policy gave us a discount based on a clean sheet for the named driver for another car…

We have two cars and each of us can drive either of them, so there is no “Main Driver.” However since my (bill-payer’s) name is on the Registration and Insurance of both I’m officially classed as the “Main Driver.” Each car is insured on its own policy, and I am prepared to change insurers each year if they start playing games with me. Each policy has vast amounts of No Claims (last claim in 1982.)

I point this out and the insurance company either ignores it and loses my business, or accepts it and we are both happy.

In my case (with BMW’s) quotes and policies where the car was parked on the driveway were always cheaper than those for for when the car was kept in a garage. Not sure why, but friends have also found the same thing.

My policy was £20 cheaper parked in the garage.
Admiral made a mistake and put both the daily driver and NC as parked on the drive overnight, the NC is garaged overnight, they refunded me £20 and corrected the policy.

One to be aware of is if you state that the car is garaged overnight… and it isn’t. You could invalidate/reduce a claim if it was stolen or damaged when it “should” have been in the garage. It was a condition of an Admiral policy I use to have, that the car had to be secured overnight in the garage if it was less than a mile from my address. If I recall, “overnight” was even defined as after 11:00pm.

Thanks for the replies. A lot of people have mentioned Admiral. I wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot disinfected barge pole. Some years ago my younger daughter had a bump in her car - her fault. But Admiral (her insurer) did not pay the repair bill of the other party, even though they had agreed my daughter’s liability. It got to the stage my daughter was threatened by legal action for not paying for the 3rd party damage, and STILL Admiral did not pay up! Emails, letter, phone calls… I made them all. “Oh yes, sorry, we’ll pay it today”. but they didn’t. I only resolved it in the end by relating the tale to The Guardian newspaper’s consumer rights page, and they published it. That sorted it. Admiral are beneath contempt.

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I am afraid I do not have much time for Admiral either. We had a Multi Car policy with then which included a policy for my son, (young driver). At renewal they refused to re-insure him despite no claims or incidents and a good “black box” record for the 12 months he was with them.
I have been with LV Insurance for the last 3-4 years. Excellent customer service (even through COVID) and very competitive rates.
I still put the car in the garage over night though :joy::joy:

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I think it’s because tools, garden equipment and cycles etc are often kept in garages and damage is caused by them to garaged vehicles. At least that was what I was told.