MX5 breaker / specialists in North East?

Hi all,

I got my mx5 cheap a few years back but mainly because the paintwork on bumper and bonnet is a bit of a mess. The car is not worth the money of repairing and respraying both but given that it’s in silver, I’m thinking I may be able to find a better condition one from a breakers and just get it swapped over. The boot is the same but the rust is on the underside so not as visual, although it’s creeping through.

Can anyone suggest somewhere that might have a good stock of parts and could fit? Also if anyone has had done before, what sort of cost am I looking at for installation?

Not aware on any locally but there are loads of silver bumpers and bonnets on eBay for between £30 and £80 so definitely cheaper than spraying (providing they are any good).
Swapping them is a DIY job, a few 10mm bolts and some plastic clips. Bumper locates itself and easy for one person. Bonnet will need a bit of wiggling to get the gaps even and better with two people.
Loads of you tube videos.
Good luck.

I’m mostly just lazy on such things due to a bad back in honesty so was hoping for a local breaker where I can eyeball a few hoods, pick the best if it’s any good, have it fitted there and leave the old one for scrap.

Try Mazda Dudes at Darlington

Does anyone know if AK automotive are still in business?

They have no website but do use facebook i believe, maybe check for recent posts ?
As i dont do facebook i cant check for you.

Thanks Pale. I looked everywhere but managed to find them at last.

Yeah AK automotive are still open I went there a few weeks ago to get mini parts telephone number 01207544071

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