MX5 class in hillclimbing?? help needed

 Ive recently been given my speed licence & joined the hsa but, i havent a clue how i start competing in a class of just mx5’s?? Anyone on here know?



Hi Grez, There are 2 members from Phoenix Fives who are competing and one from Northampton area that I know of.  From P5s bobjacqs has been competing for a while, his blog is and DaveyF who is just starting and will be in his first event this week.  Tony Turner, from Northampton, is currently leading the MX5 class.  Might be worth a PM to one of these.

Good luck. 

Hi Grez,

All you need to know about how to start hill climbing and sprinting is here:

The HSA  has its own championship that it runs at other clubs’ events.  It has a special class for MX5s.  No other clubs has.(though there’s nothing stopping you entering a class like 1400-2000cc sportscars,)

You enter an event run by one of these other clubs and they let you in becuase you are an HSA member. The schedule is here:

You enter whatever class you car fits into in that club’s regulations - normally “roadgoing saloons and sportscars 1400cc to 2000cc”.  You can see links to the regs on the above link.

You won’t beat the Elises but that doesn;t matter, you’ll have fun and will be trying to beat other MX5s.  All we care about is our personal best times and getting points in the HSA championship. The HSA gets the results from the organising club and only take into account the MX5s who are signed up for their championship.  (You have to pay about £38 to join the championship - it’s on the HSA site. This is in addition to joining the HSA.  You don;t have to join the championship though if you do not want to. You can still compete.)

You do not need a roll cage or roll bar but it is highly recommended - two MX5s turned over last year. Similarly, you do not need a race harness, a standard three point belt is OK.

You need to make yourself a timing strut (beam breaker) - I made mine from stuff I bought in B&Q.

One of my earlier blog entries describes what I did to get ready and how my first sprint and hill climb went.

If you’re free this weekend, pop along to Mallory PArk on Saturday - there are 5 MX5s entered.

Hope to see you competing soon.

Best wishes,

Bob Ridge-Stearn: Beam breaking in a 1990 MX5. Blogging at



 Hi, thank you for the information. Im already a member of the HSA, only problem is i cant find the mx5 championship bit on their site.


I dont get on here often but, i am hoping to get entered in to the next event, how do i join the championship?

Sorry, the email alert went into my Spam folder and I missed this.

To join the championship - (copy and paste if the link isn’t live here)

When you get down to the question CLASS, choose class A2.1 from the dropdown menu (that’s just for MX5s)


 cheers bob. Ill look forward to seein you on the circuits :slight_smile: