MX5 damaged

Front bumper, offside lights, bonnet severely damaged. Air bags deployed. Hit flying debris 5th August 2022 while travelling on the A5 near Watford cross roads. Fortunately no injuries. Able to drive home very slowly. Insurance claim pending. Would welcome advice on options available if car beyond economical repair.

Maybe some details about which model MX5 you are talking about, it’s pre mishap condition and even better some photos!

Welcome to the club by the way!

Sounds like a whole load of repair work.:thinking:

£1k valued car or something you’ve not long driven out of the showroom brand spankers??

Sorry it’s happened whatever the car, it’s not nice.:-1:

Plenty of pics are needed to form advise to the course of action to move forward…

Hi. Thanks for the reply. Unable to send photographs via laptop due to technological incompetence on my part.
Mark 3 2.0 litre Sport, folding hard top roof 12 years old.


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Well at least you haven’t got the active bonnet, that came in around 2013 and very costly to fix👎
I’m no expert, far from it when it comes to bodywork paint etc but it sounds expensive, severely damaged bonnet/bumper plus everything else.

Guessing average miles, good condition car, 2010 PRHT, wild guess worth £8k to £9k.
I think half its value+ in repairs to make good. Would they?

Check out Autotrader for comparison cars, same model/year/miles etc gives you a bit of ammo if the insurance come up with silly payout figures or when the repair costs are in.:+1:

The items you have listed bolt onto the car. Might be able to source them from a breakers

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12 years old Mx5 with that lot is (almost) bound to be Insurance totalled.
They don’t allow used bit to repair. Don’t know the cost of just a bonnet from Mazda UK, but I bet I could buy a decent Mk1 for it.

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The crossroads at Long Bucky turn, near the New Inn by the top lock by any chance? Had the nearest possible miss there at 40/50 mph when somebody just turned across me. I’ve always been wary of the cross roads, I’ve used the road a lot in the last 30 years.

Thank you all for being so helpful. Based on the photographs I sent to the insurance company, they have decided MX5 is “ beyond economical repair”.

Cancel the/a future claim and fix it?
Is it worth the trouble to you?
Or take the dosh and move on?