Mx5 engine head porting

Hi all i was wondering if anyone has ported there head on there mx5 and if they have or know someone who has would they be able to direct me to whp does it if possible

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Some info here

That’s for the NC, it looks as though the OP has an NA.
@Luigibayliss is yours a 1.6 or 1.8?

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Hi, I am not sure where you are based but Shane from SC Porting is very experienced in this field, he is based in Rugby.


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Hi mate would you happen to know what sorta prices he charges? I have two heads I need doing, a NA 1.8 head and a mk2 golf GTI 8v head as well and struggling to find anyone decent around my way.

I think from memory he would charge around ÂŁ700 a head, but that would include, stripping the head down, porting, machining, washing and rebuilding with new seals.

I am sure he could do you a favoured price with 2 heads.

Were the “Gains per £ return of investment”" not deemed close to pointless with 5 heads a long while ago here?
Unless…a cost-no-worries option part of an expensive project.
Seem…just seem…to recall the 5 heads were actually pretty clean from factory.
Many moons back though…just a hazed recollection.

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That is basically true (around 5hp gain from recall), probably only really worthwhile if you are skimming the head, fitting bigger valves, lumpy cams and ITB’s. Basically big-budget build!!

But then again, turbo or supercharger are a similar cost to do properly (admittedly with bigger power gains!)

Personally, I’m a bit of a purist and would prefer the NA build (the noise, less mass, etc).

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