MX5 Europe ClubNights at Caffeine & Machine on 21/08/23

Who else is going to the MX5 Europe night at C&M? I’m going with another owners club member. We’re planning to drive from Staffordshire and do a scenic route with a late afternoon stop at The Old Mill, Baginton (just south of Coventry). It’d be great to meet up with some more members en route or at C&M :slight_smile:

Facebook link: MX5 Europe ClubNights Caffeine & Machine 21st August 2023 | Facebook

Eventbrite link (for tickets): MX-5 Europe Club Meet Tickets, Mon 21 Aug 2023 at 17:00 | Eventbrite


Its quite funny that a few weeks ago when i posted the mx5 oc club c&m meet at the mx5 europe fb group (I did not actually know at the time it was an oc event) i was told (apologetically by the admin) that they don’t allow advertising other club meets.

I can’t make it cuz im overseas but i hope this doesn’t get deleted with the hope people will understand, it doesn’t really matter which club you support or have affiliation, we’re all similar minded folks…


Im going but from the midlands, but ill see you there

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Ill be there, weather looks great so looking forward to it :+1:

That’s bizarre because this section of the forum is explicitly for (according to the official description):

Events of interest to MX-5 owners. Please note the events listed are not MX-5 Owners Club events

I completely agree with your sentiment - I am more than happy to associate with multiple MX5 groups.


The agglomeration effect…
“can enable formation of strong social networks and foster community civic engagement”.

Have added clarification. I meant posted the mx5 oc c&m meet on mx5 europe fb group but was removed citing the reason was they didn’t allow other group meets on their forum… :roll_eyes:

I think posting an OC Clubnight at C&M while MX5-Europe have their own Clubnight there a matter of weeks later was probably stepping over the line aswell as causing confusion to members…

OC meets (including the Rally) are regularly advertised on MX5eu as contrary to popular belief they have a great club relationship… :+1:

Sorry not exactly sure how exactly it was stepping over the line? Its an mx5 meet a month apart you either can make it or not - why not go to both?
Tbh I don’t really understand us/them mentality (because thats how i perceived it)


Its definitely not a “them us” situation, like I said there is a great relationship between the two clubs… you may have noticed the last 3 years MX5-Europe have been at the OC rally as a club and still continue to fully support it…

In any case I think we are starting to digress so ill leave it there and wish you a good day :+1:

Yep going to this one and the other event in September I am putting the car in the show and shine but not sure which section I have gone for lightly modified but might need to change this to one of the other sections :thinking:
What would you all suggest ……….

With emphasis on how your car is kept and maintained, your vehicle will be entered into one of the following 4 Competition classes in brief these are:

• Standard Car class - Factory standard car, Mazda genuine accessories permitted.
• Light modification - Some cosmetic and light modifications to standard cars with aftermarket accessories.
• Modified - Numerous enthusiast modifications and forced induction cars (except standard fit)
• Daily driver - Any car that is in use regularly, subject to age and mileage. Only Bodywork & Cabin judged.

Which Competition Class do you wish to enter?

Standard Car

✓ Lightly Modified


Daily Driver

Ultra Modified