Mx5 Indiana colour & red paintwork question

 When I see some older red cars there is sometimes often colour fading more than other colours- and I have heard red is of all colours, quite affected over time by sunlight ( that yellow thing in the sky).
So I have generally steered away from them - but now and again I see some beautiful looking red Mx5’s -
My question is - for example the Indiana  -(which is not quite red, burgundy type ?) how do you keep any red type car from fading over time - or is it because some are always parked outside rather than kept in a garage out of light.

Also if I come across a slightly faded red  MX5 (or Indiana version) can they be restored back fully to its original colour? 
Appreciate anyones help and experience.

This link for all makes/models really helps me Identify exact details: 


Keeping the paint well protected must be one factor.

Something like Autoglym Super Resin polish followed by Autoglym Extra Gloss Sealant. The polish should help restored faded paint as well.

MK3s are still quite young, so you should find an unfaded model. Ask the owner what he protects the paintwork with.


 A further question - Does anyone know if the Montata (garnet red) and the Indiana are exact identical in colour?

You cannot always tell by photos -but I assume Garnet Red is exact paint code for these two makes.