MX5 insurance April 2020

Just went through the process of renewing the insurance on my 2004 Arctic 1.8 and what an eyeopener! It’s my second year of ownership so I benefit from a big fat 1 year NCD (i’ve been in a company car for the last 17 years) this time round. Fully comp and parked on the drive in Essex.

Aviva - last years insurer has risen from £220 (but i grabbed a £60 Quidco cashback too) to £280 (with a potential £35 Quidco cashback). So a £60 increase but gaining 1 year NCD??? And £100 excess.

Compared the meerkat and found a load starting at £156 for equivalent cover (and actually underwritten by Aviva). Settled on one from General Accident at £160 with a higher life cover, £50 excess and a further £35 Quidco cashback.

So, covered for £125 effectively. Gotta be happy with that - just try not to have to use it now…

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Interesting, we have four cars on a multi vehicle policy with Aviva. This year I have an additional year on my NCD on the main car, a new bmw, but the whole policy went up by over 15%. Called them to check and got nowhere, driven by the underwriters or something.

Time to look around I think

That seems like a decent price given your circumstances
Admiral are refunding car insurance policy holders £25 per policy for the little road use they are getting = less claims to pay out.
I’ve stuck with them, third year now as they seem to offer ATM a decent quote on renewal. Still have to barter them down though

I had a company car for 9 years then purchased my own car so the company I worked for supplied a letter stating my driving record which was exemplary so the insurer gave me the equivalent of full no claims then at the renewal as I had not claimed during the year I then had my full no claims bonus which I could transfer to other companies. So no need to build your bonus after company cars assuming your driving record is good.

Yep i obtained a similar letter when i took the (expiring) policy out but they wouldn’t accept it at the time.

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Same with me, despite a definitive letter, they wouldn’t accept I had no claims in my company/lease car so 2yrs with the lease car ‘cost’ me my maximum NCD :angry:

I can’t beat Quotemehappy (Aviva) for my 2011 2.0 RC. For 2019-20 I paid £127 after £20 cashback for Comprehensive Insurance with a £250 XS based on 4000 miles p.a.
I am 73 and have 18 years NCB and recently renewed with them for 2020-21 at a cost of £154 as I couldn’t find a quote anywhere near to this price. As my wife has a Mazda 2 and I also have a Skoda Yeti I am not interested in paying for hire cars in the event of an accident. Neither do I require breakdown. I used to pay for legal cover until I saw freemotorlegal recommended in the press. The MX-5 is cheaper to insure than both the Mazda 2 and the Yeti for similar miles p.a.!

I have looked at multi-vehicle policies with Admiral, Aviva and LV. I have never found them to be cheaper and think they are a con.
I insure my 2011 MX-5 NC 2.0 RC and a 2016 Skoda Yeti 1.2TSI with quotemehappy (Aviva) and get £20-00 discount for the second car. The cost is £154 for the MX and £194 for the Yeti both based on 4000 miles p.a. They are on separate policies which do not coincide. With a multi-policy you don’t spread the cost. I pay £140 after cashback for a 2011 Mazda 2 with LV based on 3000 miles p.a. TOTAL COST £488 for 3 cars albeit for a low mileage as we are retired.

Admiral wanted far more to insure my Skoda Yeti 1.2TSI than I pay to insure that plus a Mazda 2 and a MX-5 2.0 RC elsewhere!

I pay nearly a grand with Aviva, maybe a little over. Mx5 and one other on 4000 max, bmw, 12,000 max. I also went from a company car to cash opt out and bought the bmw, I got a 5 year introductory NCD without needing a company letter. Now that’s climbed to 7 years. Seems that you can’t rely on a good deal one year being the same the next year

There will always be vast differences in what companies quote and of course postcodes, circumstances etc.
I never take the add ons that some of these companies want you to take including breakdown cover. Most may include courtesy cars I don’t need one having two cars and me being the only driver in the household. They say, but the policy comes with one and we can’t take it off and give you discount.:-1:
I tried all I could to get the price down on my third renewal with Admiral it’s like a personal battle with the person in the other end of the phone, who will crack first🙄
Anyways I got individual quotes for the two cars but couldn’t really crack the price Admiral had quoted, well maybe by £20 but was it worth it to move.
The sweetener I guess after a good deal of bartering was home insurance thrown in (multi policy) it all worked out at around £460. I’ve had previous quotes of over £500 just for two cars. I know others have had better quotes for modified cars, again I’ve been through all the specialists insurers but at least the company I’m with do insure modified cars. Some won’t touch or ramp the price up and they are not even power mods but I guess they still treat you as if you are likely to be a 66yr old boyish racer😀

Spent 45 minutes on hold with Hastings as you have to phone to cancel or haggle your renewal. Last year £165 everything declared, this year with Cobalt back box added £225. Think they are running skeleton staff, stated Moneysupermarket lowest for same cover £154, within a few seconds they matched it.

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When I last spoke to Admiral the parting words from the lady I spoke to there were…
“Don’t go on comparison sites looking for a better deal ring us and we can always do you a deal”

Now it begs the question always, why can’t they give you that deal anyway. Also I’ll still go on comparison sites as how will I know what companies can beat them and what the price will be?:thinking: Numpties.:roll_eyes:

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I moved from Admiral for the NC last year when they could not match many other sites after having almost doubled my renewal.
I ended up with RAC for less than I had been paying Admiral the previous year. I’ve had an On/Off relationship with Admiral for the last thirty years, on for a long time with the Vextra before it turned 15, but more recently mostly off.
LV now for the Mazda3, was Direct Line last year, same sort of figures forced the change.
I wait to see what RAC ask at renewal time this year…

Weirdly, we have gone from LV to Direct Line this year for the MX5 and my wife’s Citroen C3. Far lower quotes for both.

I have had a multi vehicle policy and another home insurance policies with Aviva for the past 10 years but like you the car insurance increased by 15%+ and they refused to budge on price even when told they are not competitive. I transferred the policy to Churchill on a like for like basis and the saving was around 30%. They were also significantly cheaper than Direct Line who are part of the same group that own Churchill. When my house policies are due for renewal my first stop will be Churchill.
Turns out Green Flag are also part of the group and my wife roadside cover was reduced by £20.

Just to update, spoke to Aviva again and said I got a better price online rather than renewing, so they re-entered the details and dropped 20%. Amazing

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Loyalty doesn’t pay when it comes to Insurance or Utilities. NEVER auto-renew insurance!


I got a £50 deposit in my account on Monday, just says cash deposit nothing else. I’m guessing it’s the refund from Admiral which I expected for the two policies.
When I took the policies out I asked if I get any more off being as one car is sorned for 4 months of the year and locked away, no can do was the reply.
A little more leaverage on that score now as the refunds are for policy holders not using their car much these last couple of months. I shall try anyway.

Good news, I got an email yesterday saying they would refund me “in the next few days”. :+1: