MX5 Miata LHD Import one of five in the uk

10. Advertising
General Sale Ads
a) Advertising is allowed by MX-5 OC Members only. These must be posted in the relevant for-sale forum. Club members may post an advert on behalf of a friend, however 
repeated advertising of goods or services provided by or on behalf of a non Club member by a Club member is not permitted. In the instance of an MX 5 being for sale, the ad must contain pictures of the car for sale, the location of the vehicle and a price asked. It is strongly advised that all contact between buyers and sellers is carried out via the PM system. Whenever you visit the forum, PM’s are at the very top of the front page. The for sale forum is not a place for discussion, any irrelevant posts will be removed.
b) Any ads posted in the wrong place will be moved without notice.

c) Any “How much do you think my car is worth” type threads will be removed unless posted by a club member.
d) Images provided or linked to the advert must be of the actual item in question. All adverts must include a price, either firm or negotiable.
e) Members should avoid placing personal contact details (email, phone number, address) within an Ad. Please take appropriate precautions if arranging to meet.
f) Ads placed by non-members as replies to Wanted ads, or to Members sale ads will be removed.
g) Similarly, ads placed in other thread by non-members (offers to sale etc) will be removed.
h) We recognise that on occasion, through the natural progression of a thread, that a member might identify that they have a particular part etc that may be of interest to the original poster. Please restrict such offers to a PM.
i) eBay: links to eBay auctions, for the purposes of providing further information, may be placed with the advertisement but the item must be fully described in the initial post. This applies to advertisements in all the MX-5 related For Sale sections. Links to eBay auctions are not permitted in the “Off Topic Sales" forum.

Really interesting to see the US version.

I’m so glad we didn’t get that dash with the passenger airbag, in my opinion the original style looks far better.