Mx5 mk1 insurance for new driver?

Mx5 mk1 insurance for new driver?

We’re can I get low (around £2k) insurance quotes for a mk1 mx5 for a new driver in the UK? I’ve gotten £9k for instance

Any quote will depend upon any number of variables including age, driving experience and history, post code, intended usage, whether the car is standard or has been modified in any way, so it may just be a matter of ringing round, although there will probably be some members who can at least point you in the right direction. Unfortunately I can’t. Good luck with your enquiries.

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What age?

My experience finding insurance for my daughter, just passed her test at 28 yrs old and for a 1ltr car. I managed to get it for her at £800 with myself as a named driver on the policy. That was with Admiral, most others were quoting from £1200- £1800.

I’m 19, one of the cheapest quotes I got was £1700 for an astra. Can’t afford to buy a classic as I don’t have time for the maintenance

Most MK1 will insure as a classic policy, but it probably would have to be garaged and have a mileage restriction

“as I don’t have time for the maintenance”

I think a Mk1 will need “fettling” to keep it going, old cars now and old cars need looking after.

Feel sorry for younger drivers now, they get caned on the insurance side. I suppose we’ve all been there starting out but just seems nowadays more so the young inexperienced pay far more than say 30-40 years ago.

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Those premiums are not unreasonable …at 18 i was paying more than 10% of my gross salary to insure my Triumph Spitfire.

The premium was >25% of the car value…

The premium being more than quarter of the value is far better than I see currently, with people being quoted double the value of the car for a year’s insurance on their first car not being unusual.

If you have an experienced family member you can add as a named driver this will usually reduce the premium by a useful amount.

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Please feel free to give us a try for insurance if you wish.

We’d also send you a free goody bag too for just getting a quotation at the moment.



Can I have a free goodie bag just for being a customer? :wink: