MX5 Mk2.0 SE Racing Green

Good afternoon all,

I’ve just bought what I think is a 1999 Mk2.0 Racing Green special edition. Can anyone give me any more information about them please like wheel type when they came out, etc? Has anyone ever seen a brochure for these?

Many thanks


Hi Chris,

Looks a nice car - I think that Racing Green really suits the NA/Mk1 & NB/Mk2 series cars especially with a tan hood / interior.

Some details here from “MX-5 Miata - The Book Of The World’s Favourite Sports Car” - Brian Long -

“In addition to the standard line-up, Mazda brought back the SE model, announced in mid-September 1999. The SE (or MX-5 Special Edition to give it its proper title) was limited to 500 units, priced at £18,495 apiece. The 1.8 litre model came with Racing Green coachwork, a tan leather interior and matching hood, 15 inch alloys, power assisted steering with a Nardi wood-rimmed steering wheel (complemented by a wooden gearknob and centre console trim) and electric windows.”

They don’t look like Mazda wheels on your car, not sure which wheel came with the SE, see links below.
Also the body kit (side skirts and boot spoiler) would be found on the sport model. Of course they could be added, I bought an Mk2 RS which had that kit on.

Many thanks for sending that through Andy, much appreciated. The more information I have the better really as I’ll be spending time bringing it back to its best.



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That’s great, thanks Mick. It’s interesting to see that both of the other ones for sale have different alloys so maybe they put on whatever was lying around at the time, hahahahaaaaa!

However, you’re right, it doesn’t look like they’re the originals so I’d like to source some in the future, whatever they were. I’ve not actually taken delivery of it as yet but hopefully will do this coming week. It’s got big issues with the dreaded tin-worm, especially the usual places like wings, sills and particularly the boot lid!

Still, only paid £400 for the car so can’t grumble!

Can’t wait to get it start making it look good again…


The boot lid!

Other photos:

Well as you say…it was cheap. A project you may say, and most who know me here are aware I do “like” projects. :zipper_mouth_face:
Looks like yours has AC…or had gas & seal wise…and ABS.
That boot is scrap I guess, but fortunately they are cheap as chips.

A useful chap to bear in mind parts wise is Andrew at Autolink, the Dumfries business.
Posts all over UK same day or next. Used him for 16 years.

^^^Yes thinking the same about the boot lid^^^

Also thinking import??
The 6 o’clock dials (6 speed) with the little MPH sticker over KM’s, just like my previous Mk2 import.
So is it an SE?

Ditto Mick. :exclamation:


The RS didn’t have the wood stuff, my old car was the RS.

Has it got a sticker in the drivers door shut stating the grade or special edition?

Thanks all for the replies and all really interesting stuff, keep it coming please as it’s very helpful in identifying exactly what it is. I’ll post the original advert when the owner bought it! She’s had it for the last 18 years!

I can’t have a look at the sticker yet as I’ve not taken delivery of it. Hopefully that will be next week sometime.

Interesting. Last MOT 2015…which for me signals a nut & bolt chassis ( stoppy steery things) & & wishbones etc strip down. Be interested , in time, to see cheeky bottom ramp shots…especially the engine bay chassis rails, sills & wings.
( Been there!)

Yep, I think you’re right, it’s going to be interesting/scary (delete as applicable) to see the underside……

It’s obviously an import then, the rear fog light, Roadster badge, it can’t be an SE.

It may have stood a chance if imported into the UK re rusty bits at a later date but looks like it’s been here a long time going on that advert. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Getting those side skirts off will be interesting.

Thanks again Mick and I reckon you’re right. Not to worry, it’ll still make for an interesting project and looking forward to driving it! It’ll be good fun as always. I’ve previously owned an NA 1.6 and an NC Sport.

I used to have one of these.

I have a copy of the (3 page) brochure as a PDF - if you let me know your email address by PM, I’ll send it to you.