Mx5 Mk2 body parts

  1. My model of MX-5 is: Mk2
  2. I’m based near: Swindon
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: body parts
    Hi all. I need a lot of work on my Mk2 - 4 wings and a boot lid. Please can anyone recommend a parts seller? Nationwide is fine as I will have these delivered. I really want quality parts. Any views on Mx5 parts, MX5 city , MX5 heaven or Euro car parts for these bits? thanks

Usually rear wings are not completely replaced, but are repaired by patch panels from a variety of sources.

Pattern wings and panels will come from the same Taiwanese manufactuers. Your best panels will be original Mazda, sold by MX5parts or through your local Mazda dealers, who might be able to price match (but not deliver).

Thank you for your help - I will try MX5 parts.

Hi Lovemycar - how did you get on with this? What did you use in the end?

Sorry to hijack this over a month on, but I now need to do the dreaded rear wheel arch and sill replacement job. I have a bodyshop I use for everything that I trust and want to use for the work, but thought I had better source my own panels to make sure I’m getting the best thing for my cherrished little NBFL / Mk2.5.

Mx-5 parts do a genuine Mazda full rear wing for around £300 (three times the price of a pattern repair panel). I can’t see that there are any genuine Mazda rear-wing repair panels out there. I’m therefore wondering if there really is any benefit in getting the wing to cut down into a repair panel (esepcially given that the original Mazda ones were a bit of a weak spot on the car for rust anyway) over a pattern repair panel? And I had the same question for the sill.

Has anyone got any experience of the panels from MX5 City (I ask as they are very competative price-wise for the repair panel and outer sill, have very helpful and very professional looking inner wheel arch and inner sill panels available as well, and seem to use their parts in their own repairs which, from their blog pictures end up looking very good indeed with all the drain holes and stone protector reinstated, etc…). Would I notice the difference once fitted, compared with the original wing? Are they decent quality? Will they last? Would the safety of my car be compromised by using a pattern OEM-spec sill instead of a genuine Mazda one?

Many thanks!

Hi - didn’t get very far with this I’m afraid: car still off road. When I manage to find someone reliable to do the job, I’m going to use MX5 Parts as these parts are as close to genuine as I can get. Will probably go for patch panels on rear wings. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

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may be worth having a look at Prestige Spares UK on Facebook too.

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Thanks longrider, but aren’t they a breaker? I can’t see any new bodwork repair panels on their Ebay or Facebook pages - am I being dim?

Yes but I would have thought you could get at least a decent boot lid from them?

I don’t think inner wheel arch repair sections are available anywhere. Quite surprising really as these are a common rot spot.

MX5restorer modify outer panels for inner arch repairs. They sell the panels on their website:

Mazda don’t make patch panels.

I came acfross an owner who used Mazda full rings a replacements. After a year, it had all gone rust around the boot lid opening. Looked terrible. On crashed repaired cars repaired by Mazda I noticed they couldn’t get the panel sealant right around the boot opening. Ended up looking like filler.