MX5 NC (MK3) Electronic service record & non main dealer garages.

in the next few months the car is going to be due its next service and i dont fancy paying main dealer premiums! can any specialists access and update the DSR for my car or is it a mazda main dealer thing only?

My car paperwork has none main dealer DSR records on it, shouldn’t be a problem if the garage you are using can access the system.

is there a way to find out without ringing every garage direct if they can add to it then?

 Hi TheArchitec

I was told that any gararge other than a Mazda dealer can only access if they pay a fee for a licence to use the Mazda software to gain access to the Mazda service data base.

Knowing Mazda thats going to be expensive !!! 

I bought a service history record book when at the Silverstone Classic a few years ago and get the garage to sign and stamp the book and make my own entry when I change the oils,pads or any other work I do myself and also keep all the bills for proof of work. 




We are able to update your DSR for you and we are an independant mx5 repairer.We do it all the time for our mk3 customers.Mark @ Freelancemazda.