MX5 NC Track Prep

Hi guys,

Had a look online and can’t find a decent answer, so thought I’ll ask on here.

I plan on tacking my MX5 NC a fair amount, brakes are obviously a go to, with front pads, fluid, braids etc.

However as i’m new to the MX5 scene I was wondering how essential discs are over the OEM ones as well as rear pads being fitted? E.g is it recommended or would I be quite alright with OEM?


I think you are asking if you either should fit OE pads because pattern ones won’t be good enough or that do you need to put posh discs on?
Some people may have favourites but it is certainly not essential to have anything more than the standard disc or a pattern replacement. Pad choice will be the big one. Remember both are consumable so depending on just how much braking you plan on doing, they will need changing regularly.

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I track my NC quite a bit. I use standard discs and Yellow stuff pads, Never had problems. Make sure the fluid is fresh,

Tracked our NC BBR Super 200. Upgraded the discs, brake lines and fluids. Yellowstuff pads lasted one track day at best. Tried various others before sticking with Hawk Performance… not cheap but much longer lasting. However, my son does tend to work the brakes pretty hard :grinning:

My NC went to Cadwell 3 days after buying it entirely stock - the only thing which is an absolute must is pads and fluid IMO. I found with the standard (fairly new) pads I was only able to do a few laps before I really struggled. I changed to fresh (standard) discs, EBC Yellowstuff pads and Motul fluid and that combo has done me really well with stock power for several years. I generally get 3-4 trackdays out of a set of Yellowstuff pads, the MX5 isn’t a super heavy car and generally all about carrying as much speed as humanly possible into corners haha! Only had one issue with the Yellowstuff pads in that on a particularly hot day at Donnington one of the pads let go and left me with only the backing plate for stopping! May have been getting a bit old anyway.

IMO that is the only absolute requirement, I’ve personally changed the suspension and gone for a wider tyre setup along with stiffer ARBs, however you can still have great fun in an entirely stock MX5 on trackdays! Depends where you are at with your own skill I found and money spent on tuition can often allow you to go far faster than any car modification ever will :slight_smile:

EBC pads falling off back plates is a common issue…
If anyone wants the same pads as we use you can purchase them from Bofi Racing.
Much better than EBC