Mx5 ND rear strut brace

ive recently become an MX5oc member and this is my first post so I hope I get it right??

Just wondering if anyone has fitted a rear strut brace in an MX5 nd. I’ve got he 2.0 sport Nav with eibach lowering springs and 15mm wheel spacers and running 215/45 Continental sport contact tyres. It already has front strut brace and for around £135 can get an iL Motorsport rear strut brace. It doesn’t seem like a lot to pay if it has a beneficial result.

Also just as a by word I recently had my alignment and geometry done at BBR and Neil McKay made a fantastic job of it really made a difference and highly recommend. 

Any thoughts


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Hi, looking under the rear where does it bolt to ?

sorry ignore my above question, you mean the internal boot brace I guess.

Hi Yes the internal strut brace such as IL Motorsport or Cusco. ??

Hi DD,

I have a ND and I feel the steering to be a bit numb, not like an mx-5 at all. Do you know what suspension settings your car was set up to?

I’ve checked mine out and they’re as follows:

left front: 0 camber, 0 toe

right front: +0.5 camber, 0 toe

left rear: -0.6 camber, 0.5 toe in

right rear: -0.5 camber, 0.5 toe in




Hi James. 
Bear in mind I have eibach Pro springs, 30mm wider track and running 215/45 tyres my numbers are (all applicable both sides)
Front Camber -1°16'
Caster 6°55'
Front Toe 0°04'
Rear Camber -1°30
Rear Toe 0°08'
If you can I would get down to Brackley and have yours done. I've had my car set up previously at the usual tyre centres and it was ok but after coming away from BBR my car just feels great. I imagine it's just down to lots of experience with different configurations of mx5. 
Hope that helps. 

Did you end up getting a rear brace? Some seem like a bit of a awkward shape too and need to remove the plate that protects the fuel filler lines

I’ve got it fitted, no complaints, although I can’t advise the difference it made unfortunately as the following was done all at the same time:

Upgraded front strut brace, rear strut brace
Meister R GT1s
Eibach ARBs + adjustable drop links and Paco re-inforcement plates
Brand new set of Goodyear 215 tyres
Guardian Designs Corsa 330 steering wheel

So one great big bang change to the car (it was SORN at the time due to COVID).


I fitted the il motorsport rear strut brace and it made a world of difference tightened up the rear end, removed some skittishness and even seemed to help with pot holes and big bumps. It didn’t take too long to fit but was a bit awkward getting to the nuts on top of suspension fixings. One of the best mods I’ve done in terms of improvement per £ spent.

I also got a set of Delryn door bushings I went for the cravensport version but I think there are lots of options. Seemed expensive for what they are but again made a real difference to the solidity and made the car seem more solid.