MX5 ND workshop manual

Hi all

Just found this link online for a full ND MK4 workshop manual, not had time to go through it much but thought it may be of some interest to some of you.


cheers John


Many thanks.

It looks good, and on a quick scan to familiar pages in the Wiring it seems to have the same page numbering system as the manual I downloaded for the Mazda3, but of course here with detail relevant to the ND.
Being on-line this ND version uses Adobe Flash.

This is a good resource and is linked quite frequently on different MX-5 resources globally.

Not that it’s massively relevant overall, I don’t think it’s using Flash though, javascript and scalable vector graphics seem to be the main references in the rendered page.

Hmm, I needed to update my Flash when I went to a couple of the pages to do with accessory socket and fuses, partly because the pages have animation within them, eg to show more detail or current flow or function flow.

eg. Go to the fuses page 00F-02 and hover over the fuse panel and it zooms in, hover over the fuses and it tells what they are.

You’re correct, I haven’t delved into a section before that has flash embedded. It will make those areas a bit less usable for some people who have flash blocked though hopefully only a small number of cases.

The manuals seem to relate specifically to the ND Skyactiv 2.0 litre.

I see useful info in the service highlights in relation to suspension geometry.

I have a ND 1.5 litre SEL. but unlike my previous 1.8 litre MX5 NC have no issues with stability (skittish rear end). Never the less can anyone enlighten me as to whether there could be any differences in suspension geometry figures and tolerances between 2.0 & 1.5 litre Skyactiv ND?

I can imagine there might be some differences in the rear end geometry 1.5 vs 2.0 due to tyre sizes, 16” vs 17” wheels, open vs limited slip diffs etc? Also I believe there are some suspension differences ST vs RF to make up for the hardtop.