MX5 ND2 184 2019 Sport Nav+ B Road and track toy

had them, see on the thread somewhere. 16 x 7 OZ allegerita in white. They were very very light!! Looked a bit rollerskate though. Would look on if I was on coilovers though I think

What tyre size are you after, factory 205/45R17?

Nah 215 45 17. I think I’ve found a set off a guy who races the mx5s locally. What have you got?

I have a set of 205/45R17 Michelin PS4 tyres mounted to BBS wheels that I took off my car after very little use when I replaced my wheels with wider ones
Let me know if you are interested

They are meant to wear slick on the outer edge.
Anglesey is a notoriously abrasive circuit and quite capable of wearing a tyre from new to dead in less than 3 hours. Shoulder wear will occur in any tyre.

Yeah there wasn’t much tread there to start off with. I’ve put them on some spare wheels now for my clio mk4 trophy - but that car has a boot capable of taking a spare set of wheels.
Mx5 has to have roadworthy/policeman friendly arrive and drive tyres, even if just at a quick glance.

Got the MX5 out, the last couple of weeks. Booked a sort of last minute (as last minute as I get these days - 2 weeks in advance) trip to the Isle of Man after seeing someone post photos of the TT drive/route. Midweek deals coming in at £198 return so thought why not, take my wife over and do some miles in the Mazda.

Was a really good trip. Ferry from Heysham was a bit long at 4 hrs but it was a huge ferry. The return was a more convenient 2.5 hrs to Liverpool but the ferry was a lot older/smaller.

I thoroughly recommend a short trip over if anyone is considering it. Obviously the weather makes or breaks it - we got luckyish and only had the Tues AM with rain, the rest being pretty sunny.

The TT route itself if 37.75 miles and is very good. The TT riders are absolute lunatics, they’re just simply narrow country B roads with all the bumps, grids, kerbs and varying grips you’d expect. To be reaching 195 mph in some sections is absolutely insane. There are still 30/40/50 limits in the towns and villages, but the national speed limit means no limits, with traffic permitting. I didn’t want to annoy any of the locals so kept the overtakes to a minimum etc. The TT is only a couple of weeks away so all the signs and padding were up, so still fe3lt very much like you were on the course and not just the local roads.

The mountain section is absolutely amazing - from Ramsey to Douglas.

I did a couple of laps of the TT route on the Tuesday, with a detour on the first to explore the top of the island up at Jurby (motor musuem there too), Bride and the Point of Ayre lighthouse right at the top, where you could also see seals quite close up. The second day was spent at the south side at Port Erin, the Sound/calf of Man and Cregneash.

Ideal for small nimble motors like the Mx5, the car was absolutely perfect around there. Genuinely can’t think of a better car to use for the narrow roads, open top and exhaust note as you raz around the countryside.


Looks lovely Dan! Glad you enjoyed it. You’ve given me an idea for a similar trip, haha. Not a bad price for the ferry that too, pays to go before the TT eh…

Definitely! Maybe next time I’ll price up a longer one to IOM/Belfast/Highlands. I’ve always fancied going tom the Isle of Skye, etc. But never wanted to face the long drive up there.

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Skye is beautiful, once you get past Glasgow its generally quiet and nice open roads. Worth sticking on the list!