MX5 newbie: advice about first purchase

Dear MXfivians,

Always wanted an MX5 but our household never had any good reason to get a second car. Changes in work mean I now need to do 2 weekly commutes of 50 miles (motorway) each-way.

So I am looking for a reliable workhorse (that also happens to be a cool MX) – nothing flashy, just a well-maintained one.

I have a budget of £10k.

-Does this figure sound reasonable for a reliable one that is not going to require a massive maintenance budget?
-What is the oldest/highest mileage would you consider to get a reasonably trouble-free one?
-Any models/options that are better avoided if reliability is key?

Thanks for your help.

£10k is a good budget for a lovely mx5. Which mk are you thinking? Mk3 a little longer in size than the rest and better for the taller person. Want a classic 1.6 or a modern 1.8 or 2.0l. I’d say mk3 and lower with that budget and you can demand a low mileage car for that price and anything up to about 2014 at a steal!

I’ve got a lovely mk1 for sale! :wink:

Happy hunting.


Oh and welcome!

I think buying an up to 2014 low mileage NC is a little ambitious with £10k.
It’ll probably get you an up to 2011-12 for that money. 2 litre cars command more money so do the PRHT models, special additions again push that price higher.
Dealer cars add a little more on (in some cases a huge chunk more) such is the market good cars right now.

Look in the sales section on the this forum, a few are beginning to pop up now as we are getting towards Autumn…

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Obviously depends on your bartering skills! :joy:

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How the car has been maintained is probably more important than the mileage. Mechanicals are pretty bombproof but the MX5 has poor protection against rust. I would look for only one or two previous owners who kept the MX5 garaged, serviced and generally pampered, ideally with a full history.

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Fab info, thanks. Did not know that MX5 changed size, so, at 5’.11 MK3 sounds like the right one for me.

Also, good advice was “beware the rust, not so much the mileage”

My racing days are well gone, so a 1.6 will do me - until such date i start to lust for a bigger one!

Thanks, this narrows it down. Picture gets clearer: an entry model, 2012, mileage not so important, but well-maintained and garaged. I feel I get an better picture now. Thank for the tip.

Again, fab piece of advice, thx. It really helps narrow the scope. Will start trawling this site to see what comes up

I fit in my 2.5 and I’m 6’3" so may depend on body proportions.