MX5 Polo shirt - any takers?

£126 - a bargain!

Flawless? I can see a loose thread or two

You’d have to have a loose thread to buy it…

It’s worth buttons…

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The shirt or the NC :thinking:

£1.26 :slight_smile:

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The seller must have been sniffing glue when they came up with that price

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Or running a business.

Bought it!,

Ooops, sorry, thought it was the thread of Hilarity topic! :rofl: :rofl:


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So £126.00 + £9.24 p&p + Post Brexit charges - 20% VAT - £25.20 + Agents fees for Custom’s clearance £15.00 = £175.44 for a worn polo- shirt. :thinking: What a bargain! :crazy_face:
You have to admit it, the Bulgarians have a wonderful sense of humour!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
If someone in the UK buys it they are incredibly wealthy, or stupid, or both! :astonished: :-1: :crazy_face: