Mx5 problems

  1. My model of MX-5 is 1991 import
    hi i need help
    my mazda mx5 1991 import is failing to start its a no crank no start issue and the battery is brand new and good
    it also has no power to the electric windows and wipers any ideas would be greatly appreciated as im hoping to get out for a spin in this nice weather any ideas?

Start with simple things, check that the insides of the battery terminals (cable ends) are clean and that the leads are on the correct terminals. Also check the connections are tight. Follow the earth lead to where it bolts to the body and again make sure the connection is clean and tight. Is there defiantly power in the battery?

Has the engine started since the battery was fitted? Do the dash lights come on? Have you checked the fuses?


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If there is no power to windows, wipers etc, suspect a blown fuse, possibly the main master fuse. Check the battery polaritiy; negative terminal closest to the wing.

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thanks for your replies the car hasnt started after fitting the battery i have got dash lights and i have checked fuses under bonnet all seemed good
i am struggling to reach the fuses in car as they are awkward to reach

When you turn the key to the starter motor position do the ignition lights dim or go out?

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Yup, this would be a classic symptom of loose or corroded battery terminals or earth, as suggested.

The lights going out would be accompanied by an audible click of the starter solenoid activating

Undo the two screws on the panel below the steering column and then the fuse s are easier to get to. Kneel on something a bit softer than the ground, I use an old (thick) cardboard wine box.

ok thanks guys i will get down to the car today and try to make some progress
fingers crossed i can sort it

i have had a look and have noticed a frayed wire from the earth lead to the negitive terminal which conect to the battery, its a 30 year old car so i am thinking this may well be the problem? the earth is very well connected.

thanks to all who helped me i have got the car fixed it was a frayed wire on the negitive terminal
just taped it up at mo to get her running thanks for all your sugestions