MX5 Relief

I’ve been off work now for 2 weeks now , as I had some minor back surgery which has gone wrong, still being treated, may need another op to sort things out.
the worst thing about all this is not being able to get in the 5, and I’m missing it, although Ive been starting it up and letting it run twice a week, now although I’m 61, I got used to curling in and out of the car, so I’ve decided that this Fri as the weather forecast for North Essex/Suffolk looks OK, my wife and I are going for a midday blast up to Aldeburgh , a few well placed cushions will hopefully help and I can’t bloomin wait!, its like when I had motorbikes in the past, its surprising how quickly you miss the buzz of it all ! :grin:


Sorry to hear about the bad back. My other half had an op for bilateral bunions back in October. Still can’t drive her Mazda 3 Sportnav very far without her left foot aching - looks like an automatic in her future.

I’m a couple of yearspast the three score years and ten last laps approaching flag but I still manage to haul myself in and out of my 1.8 NA. Still got bikes though - cabin fever soon to be dispelled if the weather lifts a bit. I wish it was like last February. I too warm the 5 up occasionally if not using it much (having to do the shopping in the other half’s 3). but the best way to keep them running right is a ‘dealer’s decoke’ :wink:

Hi and thanks
Its a bugger when your getting on a bit, but as long as there’s a spark ! :+1: :smile: