MX5 Sport Tech rear brakes creak in reverse


Does anybody else have rear brakes that creak when reversing down hill (my drive is sloped)? They brakes are completely silent when going forward. It has been to a main agent and they say there is nothing wrong with them. The pads and discs are all relatively new <1k miles, the previous owner had them all replaced before trading it late last year.

Do they make a noise if you roll backwards in neutral?

Just on take off reversing off the drive or always when reversing?
I’d guess they are sticking when letting off the handbrake, maybe the damp weather.
Have you tried reversing on the drive, do the creak then or even creak when warm and reversing?

In gear or not they creak going backwards down the drive. I always leave my cars in reverse with the handbrake off, so I doubt they are sticking. The shims are in place and they are greased. It’s not quiet either, it’s pretty loud. Most of the time I reverse up the drive, but not at night as I can’t see where I am going. I plan to fix that with a couple of spotlights on my walls.

My Miyako did it for ten years and different sets of pads, worse when damp had made them stick after washing. I put it down to a very slightly different wear pattern on the pad, in much the same way as brake shoes used to do. If I backed up a few times at speed then braked heavily it would vanish for a while. Not pressing the pedal hard enough might cause it too as the disc is not tightly clamped.
(Sacrilege….I also have a new Z4 and that is much worse if I don’t press the brake heavily in reverse!)

Was this resolved?


Sorry I hadn’t spotted the replies.

It got less noisy with more use. No idea what the cause was.