Mx5partsUk Exhaust, anyone used one, any good?

I’m looking to improve the sound of my 2.0 mk3 and was looking buying an exhaust.

I saw the
exhaust but the reviews are hit and miss. It looks exactly the same as the ebay unbranded exhausts that are £175.

Thoughts on it?

Any reasonably price alternatives? Under £500.
I don’t want anything too obnoxios.

I had one of those, it hurt my ears and especially my OH. Droning was too much and idling on the driveway the metal garage door used to rattle.
I swapped it after around 1 year for the Cobalt, nearly 4 years in music to my ears, missus likes it too.

Edit just to add, the Cobalt is unavailable ATM, Moss apparently are getting new stock in, when, who knows?:thinking:

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I have enquired about a cobalt myself from moss europe for my nd. They will be back in stock on the 12th and on sale again on the 19th.


Is yours the “road” or “race” one? Seems they do 2 different back boxes, guessing the road one would be resonated.

They are £400/£450 on ebay.

I have a GoPerform box on mine and it is deep and doesn’t drone…not sure if he is still doing them as no prices and little info on his website. They seem to have some dealers

I have the Cobalt, think you are confusing that with the Cobra. They certainly do the race and road, the former I believe the loudest.
The Mx5parts back box you link to was the one I had fitted. It could have changed over the years but too loud for me. Had the single exit (Mk2) from them, nice tone nicely built. I believe the dual exit for the Mk2’s from them are also a good deal louder.

Oh yes you’re correct, Cobra is what I was looking at.

To be honest the Mx5parts looks like a cheap exhaust made maybe in another country, just a generic item that gets rebranded 10 times by different distributors but I think I will avoid it and look for something without drone.

I had a Cobra…droned like ■■■■…sent it back and refitted standard. Wish I had bought the Cobalt…


I’ll give the thumbs up for the Cobalt, ( I have a MK3 ) looks good, sounds good without being too loud, and after a few hundred miles it mellows to a nice deep but subtle sporty sound :sunglasses:

I got rid of the Cobalt on my NC. Ran it for over a thousand miles as it droned, popped on the overrun and just annoyed my better half. Looked good tho’. I can’t see me ever fitting another ‘sporty’ back box.

I’ve now had the Cobalt on for 500 miles. Absolutely love it, well made too. Not overly harsh. Just sounds like a MX5 should. Mines a 2.0 1996.

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I fitted and recommend the rear box from Racing Beat. Sounds sporty without being noisy or producing a drone. I later had an engine upgrade done by BBR and the Racing Beat box was certainly up to the job. Car at the time was a Mk3.5.

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Are the cobalt exhausts discontinued?

In another post I read Moss are having stock in very soon, keep a check on their website.

Shhhh don’t let everyone know Moss are getting a new batch, at least not until I get my one! :smiley:

hi I had the same dilemma and ended up buying the jetex fitted around 2 weeks ago and pleased with the results

Do you know if they make their own exhausts?

I know the design has to be limited due to fitting on the car but a lot of them look like the ones on mx5parts shop. Many look like the same exhaust but rebranded under a different name basically.

I believe they do if you google them they are a British manufacturer who have been building exhaust since the 1980’s I bought mine via carnoisseur again if you search under their site it will give more information

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Nice one, thank you. Quite a bit cheaper on carcarnoisseur as well.

I called Moss Europe about the Cobalt, they are not expecting them in until the first quarter of 2021.

They said it’s a brand new design that they have done, reworked a few things but didn’t say what, is no part number available yet.