MX5Revive at the Spring Rally - need any parts?

There isn’t really the perfect place to put this as it is part news (and part advertising), so in here for Spring Rally info…

I have had confirmation from that they will coming up to the Spring Rally with their van packed as usual with second hand MX-5 parts for sale.

They put out a call to memebrs and areas just ahead of the Club events to see if members coming to the Rally might need anything specific and just haven’t been able to track down - they will probably have it! and they have proved invaluable help to members over the past couple of Club Rallies.

If you have something in particular that need and you would like them to bring for you, please drop either Brian or April a line at or call 01733 271457 or mobile 07742411297 and they will be able to bring it to you at the Rally.

Plus exclusively for the Spring Rally - They are also offer up to 15% discount on all stock items and pre-orders for MX-5 Owners Club members, just make sure to take your membership card on the day! 

They are looking forward to meeting you all in a few weeks.