Mx5's/Roadsters for the Mazdamenders/Autolinkmx5/Jass preformace stand wanted

With the national rally fast approaching and the Norm for our stand requiring one of each model and version for us to use as a questions and answers pointing tool for any owners that come to us with issues, niggles , general info or advice on the Mx-5/Roadsters from owners…

Because personally, I think it is a shame that some very nice looked after cars are hidden in the car parks…


We are looking for a MK 2.5 NB 1.8 VVT  and a MK 3 NC, for the Mazdamenders pitch/stand with Autolinkmx5 and Jass Performance…  light to medium mod’s are fine, we are not looking for concourse examples, but in good nick and looked after, the stand will be in a  central position at  the National rally and we will need the cars in question to arrive early for set up with the rest of the versions that will be parked up all day, but please be aware that none of them can move until the finish/ close, we will arrange stand passes etc to the cars chosen from those of interested owners.

We will not be removing anything as demos on the stands cars, so they are safe, the health check bay will have some fettling going on if you fancy a Nosy or any questions as we will be fitting a set of Meister R adjustable Zetas to a MK 1 import NA 1.6 and drop links.

If interested and fancy joining us please contact me personally by PM, or Speedy AKA Ian with interest, or info and pics on this thread.


Lets see what you have to show off…


Hope to see you soon, Oh… and we will have cup cakes 


Hi Wayne
I have a MK3 sports, winning blue to have on your stand and well looked after

The two spaces are filled now, thank you all for your interest, hope to see you at the rally, fingers crossed it’s a dry one.

Drive safe