My 1990 BRG V-Special

 Thought I’d post up some pics of mine

a bit about the car. It’s a Mazda Eunos Roadster (like you didn’t
already know that) V special registered in 1990. So that means it’s
British Racing Green with Tan leather interior and Nardi wood steering
wheel/gear knob combo. It’s got 88k miles on the clock and only entered
the Uk in June 2000. So the car is free from rust in the usual places.
It’s had some paint and in some areas this is plainly visible however
it still looks good. I got the car for £1500 including the BRG Hardtop
with heated rear window and MOT till May 2009 so it was bang on my

As this will be a track car as well as an occasional
road car I do have a few plans for it of which some will need to be
done sooner than others.

Here are some pics of the car shortly after I bought it.

Shortly after I sold the Hardtop to get some cash back.  This meant the car stood me at £1100.  Before my first track day I spent the cash from the Hardtop fitting new brakes (discs and pads) all round, sourcing some 15" wheels and giving the car a good service.
here are a few pics after the service, brakes and wheels.  I loike the look of Mk2 Wheels on a Mk1.  Not only did it improve the handling, they improved the stance.

The car is sat on my drive waiting for me to do a few more bits early next year (once I have squirreled away the cash).  These include:

  • Fitting new rear Calipers
    - New Green Mohair roof
    - Half Roll Cage
    - Monaco S Bucket seat
    - Luke 3" Aircraft buckled Harness.
    - Stainless exhaust with Cat bypass.


Looks great !! … yeah the Mk2 wheels look better.
Had you thought of lowering a bit ? The stance would be even better. [H]

 Yes.  However why spoil something that’s good already.  As it stands the car faired very well on my track day in August.  It was flat and steady in the corners with no drift or wheel lift.  To me that’s a good recipe that will see me ok for a little while.  Also the money I’d spend on the supension could be better spent elsewhere, why fix something that’s not broken [:)]

What kind of tonneau cover is that? It looks different to my old Mazda one

Not too sure.  I got it for £30.  When fitted there is a little storage pocket where the parcel shelf it.

Mine sits a little lower. I only have 14’s on mine still, but quite like the look of the wheels.

When the tyres wear out will change up to 15’s with a nice set of Toyo R888’s I think [:)]

Great looking car & great colour [Y]