My battery drains! HELP!

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __2010 automatic
  2. I’m based near: Scunthorpe
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: Local autoelectrician finds 200mA drain from battery. Says this stops when 20A audio fuse in footwell removed. Recommends consult Mazda. Mazda garage confirms current drain but relevant fuse is 15A room fuse under bonnet. All audio works fine but hands free phone not working. Mazda want the car for 3 hours at £90 per hour to strip all down and diagnose. Has anyone had a similar problem or can suggest a solution? Thanks so much. Pete.

I have heard of Bluetooth modules failing and causing current drain on many cars.
Remove the radio and see if that stops it.
Probably then cheaper to fit an aftermarket stereo.

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You could try switching off the interior sensor for the alarm via the bottom right button on the remote control
Are you sure you should have hands free on your vehicle?
Mine doesn’t have it.

Thanks Richard for the input. Do you know if it is possible to just remove the bluetooth unit? Is it simply plugged into the radio? Maybe this would eliminate the current drain, and I never used the hands free phone anyway.

Thanks for the input. I definitely do have hands free. I guess my car is a slightly different version to yours. The interior sensor does give some current drain but I have far more than that would give. But thanks for a useful suggestion.

OK Gonna Take a Punt Here
In Terms of Expertise You Will Find Thousands of Members More Knowledgeable
But I Do Know How Much Mazda Garages Want to Charge for Problems With ‘Mature’ MX5’s !
When My 2005 Icon Battery Was Draining It Was About Lack of Use and a Poorly Battery.
The ‘Very Nice Man’ from the AA Home Start Sold Me a Solar Panel to put In the Windscreen £25.00 + VAT to help keep the Battery Charged
BUT He Also Advised
"Problem With Modern Cars Is There Is So Much Going On WHEN THE ENGINE IS OFF that the Battery Has to Cope With"
The Solar Panel Kept My Girl Going for Starting the Engine until I Got a New Battery and Drove Her More
Neighbour with Very Old Porsche has his Battery wired to a Solar Panel on the Roof of his Garage
Can’t Speak About Your Model…But 2005 Battery is tiny
Maybe Just a Simple Question Of Keeping It On Charge ?


Best of Luck


Hi Just for comparison how long does the battery last. I have a 2010. (And also in Scunthorpe so we do exist :joy:). Mine lasts between 3 and 4 weeks without charge. Any longer and it is a jump start. It has a new battery. I keep it on a trickle charger/battery conditioner.
Just asking for comparison purposes.