My Dad's 1995 G-Limited, NEW PICCIES.

 Hi peeps,

This is my first post on here so just thought i’d put a few pics up of the MX-5 i’ve just bout my dad as a Present after he got the all-clear from having a Bowel Cancer operation!

Anyway it’s a 1995 G-limited, 73K on clock, some history, very nice condition ( 3 very light rust stains on drivers sill ), fully wax-oiled when imported ( i’m going to re-do it ), a few sensible mods, was imported by MX5 City.

I’ve paid £2375 for it with 11 months T+T


Any thoughts welcome,



 What a great way to celebrate!

Hope he enjoys many happy years with his present

Nice one mate—

Looking good. Hope he really enjoys it.[:)]

[:)] Well done to you and your Dad… Car looks great…

 nice looking motor  steve,

P / S  will you be my adopted son,only joking mate,

 I am really pleased your Dad has beaten the big C. Now he can start to live life to the full again. Please give him by best wishes for the future.

My wife has been clear for nearly 5 years now.  Oh and the car looks good too.

That’s a lovely car. Most importantly, your Dad is OK. I’m sure he’ll appreciate the gift. Best wishes to you both and welcome to the forum!

 Thanks for the Kind words Guys, we actually collect it tomorrow afternoon so will get some better pics up ASAP.

He’s really excited about getting it now and is making up a list of bits he’s after for it, Front mudflaps, UK spec rear number plate holder, some extra chrome bits and bobs for inside etc, just bits to make it his own really.


Lovely looking car and lovely idea, hope it all goes well on friday.

 Hi Guys, Got the MX home today, managed to wax-oil the whole boot area and in the door sills too, needs the Mirrors " freeing off " so thats a job for tomorrow and the drivers window does’nt operate properly ( worked fine on test drive, but now does’nt wind up )

Noticed that it’s fitted with MAZDASPEED adjustable rear suspension units today too, dont know if thats a standard fitment or not though!

However Dad is still well happy with it, so get these bits sorted out and bring it back upto standard.



Congrats Steve’s Dad! A lovely purchase Steve.

 Well freed the mirrors off today, wax-oiled behind the front wings and in the corners of engine bay.

Also gave the interior a good clean out, found lots of " tab ends " in door pockets!! and washed the mats too.

Looks like it may have been an ex MX-5 OC car, any way i could check at all??

will put some better pics up soon.

Finally managed to wash the MX-5 today and fix some bits of trim after raiding a dead EUNOS a mile away from home, also removed the style hoops as they did’nt fit very well, so we’re looking for an original rear brace bar.

So anyway heres some new pics:

That looks really nice… Well done! I hope I can find one that looks as good.

I’m sure your Dad is chuffed to bits.

Where did you buy it from, private or trade?

 It was a private sale mate, saw it on piston heads.

there are a couple of bits that need tidying, but nothing major, i’ve wax-oiled the underneath of it today and replaced some clips that were missing too.

Going to arrange for it to have a full service very soon too and change the HKS Induction kit to a K&N one with a homemade induction pipe.

 Little Bit of an update on the roadster.

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve fitted an original spec steering wheel, a rear brace bar, had it serviced and today i’ve removed the H.K.S Induction kit:

And fitted a nice new K&N induction kit:

Feels alot more spritely now.

what a great story, glad your dad is ok and loving the mx

looks like a superb example too

I’ve got that induction kit on mine, Makes a lovely sound.