My first MX5 ND RF

Hello everyone.

Just a short message from a newbie in West London

Bought my First MX5 ND RF a few days ago. Absolutely love driving it.

Been reading a few posts on here and looking forward to being apart of this amazing community.


Well done, enjoy.:+1::heart:

Now we need pics.:grin:

Hello and welcome to the MX5OC… I am a particular fan of the ND myself…! :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to the club.
NC in Cumbria here.
I have never seen photos of the ND on Chelsea bridge or by Battersea Power Station or outside Harrods… Just saying.

Hmm, on a couple of occasions in 2016/2017 when I was walking up Fulham Palace Road towards Hammersmith tube and the gyratory from Charing Cross hospital I overtook a soul-red ND - just before lunch on a Wednesday each time.

Mind elsewhere, it was the only car I noticed (being a beautiful new latest MX5), but each time I thought, “I’m so glad I’m not stuck here in mine today.”

Only then I also noticed the ND and everything around was filthy grubby, and soon after decided to use Barons Court tube and walk through the much cleaner air of Margravine cemetery instead for all my future CX appointments.

I’m also new on here, seems like a friendly place with lots of knowledgeable people.
Pleased you’re pleased with it!
I’m considering an RF as a daily, not driven one yet though. Always liked them, and getting older!

post up some pics

Photos will come, when it’s nicer weather outside.


This is the first day I got her home.


Welcome on board… I am also new and have a sport nav 18 plate RF in black… did you buy it from MKG in Twickenham? Cometh the summer !!!

Nope, I went to TW Whites in Bookham. They had the exact car I was looking for at the price I was looking at. And had a brilliant interaction with them from the first phone call all the way though to getting the keys to my new motor.

Welcome :grinning:


I’m new here too.

After owning varies classics, this is my ‘younger classic’ acquisition, I love her!

I’ve no idea if it’s been modified or not :thinking:

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Hello and welcome… Nice car and looks pretty standard on the outside…!

Thank you for that welcome and info :grin:

I’ve never had a Mazda before but I was hooked the first time I drove this.

Had many Fords before,
Mexico’s Mk 1 and Mk 2, 1300e
Classic Porsche
VW Beetles

Classic motorbikes too (still do)

First private plate though …
well I am 60 in May… variety/Spice etc. :astonished:

Thanks again


Welcome to the club. We got our ND Icon from T.W Whites in Bookham about a year ago and they are one of the best dealers I’ve ever dealt with, they are not on a commission so just get paid a salary, so no hard sell, just these are the extras we offer, take them or leave them, very pleased with them.