My First MX5

I picked up my first today; a 1995 Eunos (Silver Stone, red mohair roof) from MX5 City near Pontefract and can completely understand why people fall in love with these cars.  I had been looking for one for months intending to buy during the winter as a second car to my trusty old Jaguar XJ Sovereign.  However the Jag died on the motorway a couple of weeks ago, threw a part in the auto box and, having covered 190,000 miles it wasn’t worth the huge repair bill - so my only car now is the Mazda and I love it more than I did the Jag. Already!


Anyway, the reason I’m posting is that it has an MX-5 Owners Club sticker in the screen - looks quite old - I wonder if anyone on here knows it?  Reg: M213 CDM.


Let me know - I’d be fascinated.


Great service from Martin at MX-5 City too!

Welcome to the forum - enjoy your MX5. 

Thank you!  I’m sure I’m going to.  Should have got one years ago Smile

Funnily enough, I got the MX5, then I got the XJ.

welcome and enjoy the ride 

What a coincidence - I loved the Jag though yours looks in a lot better condition than mine was.  Beautiful to drive, though not as much fun as the Miata, but I was getting 45 to the gallon on the commute to work along the motorways - better than the Mazda I think.

And thanks for the kind welcome everybody!


Yes, on a motorway run, the V8 Jag gets better miles than my 1.8 MX5… Very different cars. I don’t put a lot of miles on either car anyhow, so fuel consumption is a ow priority for me.


The really old OC stickers are blue. Saw your car  on MX5City’s website. Looks tidy… Looks like MX5city has added the roof themselves. Watch those front mudflaps; easily damaged by sleeping policemen.

Yes, very different.  Mine was a 2.7 diesel; I thought that was quick - yours must be very rapid!  Fantastic cars - just can’t find that version with relatively low mileage anymore

It is on old blue OC sticker; I’d love to know who on here owned it but I guess if they didn’t replace it with another they’re unlikely to be active on this site any longer.

Thanks for the tip re. the mud-flaps - I had no idea.  I’m determined to look after it - it appears to be pretty much rust free; going to keep it garaged and off the wet/salted roads as much as possible.  Also thinking about taking it back to MX-5 City next month to get a Waxoyl treatment.  Good idea?

It’s sunny here today (unusual at the moment) and I’m lucky enough to be working from home - took her out for a quick half hour run on the country roads - can’t stop smiling when driving (didn’t get that with the Jag!).