My "G" Limited

I can’t remember but I’ll measure it when it stops raining.




Mine is the same as yours but I am sure that there are two standard lengths and you can get an exhaust to match either, yours is the shorter of the two!.


Hi Russ,
Thanks for looking, not the easiest of things to measure! I am considering one of the Moss Cobalt systems and have emailed them regarding cat lengths. They say it will fit the 37 or 44cm system but not the larger one so it should be fine. These are on offer at a good price at the moment polished stainless for not much more than an aftermarket steel job. I will probably get the system with a view to fitting it when the weather improves and am looking into replacing the cat & O2 sensor at the same time, as I have found a place selling stainless cats also at a good price. Interestingly they state that Eunos up to 94 is a 37cm but from 95 is 44. According to a spreadsheet of VIN numbers kicking around on here somewhere mine was manufactured Dec 94 but registered 95. I presume you know the MOT quirk regarding these cars being non CAT tested?
Thanks for your help & enjoy your Blue G


It’s nice to hear from some other G-Limited owners, I think I’ve only ever seen 1 on the road. Here’s my 1995 G-Limited, It had BBS copies on when I bought it, but I’ve changed it back to original 7 spoke wheels now.





Hi Jon and then there were three!.. wonder where the other 1497 cars are?
Your Blue G looks nice, not so sure about the wheels but if you have changed them should look great.
Where are you, perhaps we may all pass like ships in the night.

Thanks Dave,

I’m in Stourbridge, West Midlands, Your car looks great, something like I’d like mine to look eventually. Unfortunately the sun has affected the paintwork on the top of my door, wing and rear quarter on one side.

Hope to see you around some time!



Hi Jon,

Is it the paint or the lacquer? The first “G” I had suffered very badly from Lacquer-peel I think maybe they all do - perhaps its the colour?

My second one - and the one that I have now (pictured)  has been painted at some point before I got it.

The Numbers are growing! It would be great to find a few more  



Hi Curlyteeth,

Yes it’s my lacquer, the passenger side’s fine (maybe resprayed!), but the driver’s side is showing signs of peeling.

Mine came with naff looking plastic wood-effect console. vent and door trim  - not sure if that was a G-Limited thing or just something that got stuck on while it was in Japan. 







Lovely motor, looks mint.

Hi y’all! I also have a G-Limited. I will posts some photos once I’ve worked out how to do it!     Edit:  can you see these photos?


The G-Limited model was introduced to the Japanese market in early 1995 with 1500 cars produced. It was one of the last special editions before the revised 1.8 Series 2 (green badge) models were released. This version of the Roadster boasted a new exterior paint called Satellite Blue Mica with a matching dark blue soft top. 14" 6J seven spoke alloy wheels with 185/40 tyres were standard. 

Inside there were unique bucket-style seats trimmed in grey/blue Ecasine synthetic suede for a luxury feel. The interior also gets a leather trimmed MOMO steering wheel, electric windows, a 4-speaker stereo system with electric aerial. Air-conditioning was an optional extra. 

The G-Limited was powered by the 1.8 litre engine with a 9:0 compression ratio, producing 130 Ps @ 6500rpm and 157 Nm @ 4000 rpm. G-Limited was available with either a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic gearbox. The 5-speed manual transmission was connected to a Torsen limited slip differential with a 4.1 final ratio.

Seems this is like a duplicate post on two threads…

Ill crop up here too.

Mine, on some grey days, so looks more grey/black


Seats, steering wheel and door insets are from my old 5, but seats werent the original anyway, prob should of kept the steering wheel if unique to the G-Ltd.


Team Dynamic Race Pro 2 wheels
Zeta R’s
Stainless exhaust
Braided lines

  • This year will need some bits, some xxxxx (awful human) dropped a chair on the rear, boot scratched and dented, and back panel and bumper scratched.
    - Blue mohair roof is still watertight, but looks tatty.
    - TSI, sometimes i like them, sometimes they looks meh
    - Cambelt is due this year

Yes, getting the colour to show on photos is difficult sometimes too.    Yes, the steering wheel was apparently unique to the G-Limited. It has a thin grey band on the bottom spoke.  

I have a dark blue vinyl hood complete with frame if you’re interested!  I bought the car last year and was told by the dealer the hood was new.  It’s certainly in great condition, suits the colour of the car really well.  I intend to keep the hardtop on mine, so it’s really going to waste.     


I’ve recently saved one from certain death as a drift car! I know this is an old thread, but its always good to know there’s another one on the road :))

Fair play for saving it!!! Mine has been sold about two years ago but It’s still in the family. Now fully forged new running 380bhp LOL

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oh man, that’s the dream - Did you end up making any other changes before selling it? Happy to hear it’s become an heirloom!

I know this thread is really old now but just wanted to say I’ve got a G-Ltd too :smiling_face:

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