My "G" Limited

Here is my “G” Limited Eunos. The “G” Limited has a number if individual features and is my personal favourite (I’ve owned two) had this one for two years.

You just never seem to hear about them and hardly ever see them. I’ve been to few rally’s and meets only ever seen two others in the “flesh” - one at a Rally and one at a cross area meet at a brewery / pub.

The Pictures taken on my phone probably don’t do it justice.








The Steering wheel is unique to this model


and so are the seats - blue sued with separate head rests   


This was one of the first models with the slightly higher power engine 1.33bhp and had the lightened flywheel which makes it feel a bit nippier and has the Torsen LSD.


I bought it bog standard with 80k miles on and I’ve added a few bits: -

  • Remote Central Locking with Boot Release
  • Dots wheels
  • Stainless Duel Exit Exhaust
  • Engine Brace and Style Bar
  • Pioneer Stereo with Bluetooth Hands Free  
  • Hard Top with tinted / heated rear screen - soft top in perfect condition.
  • A few bit of chrome - not OTT I hope.
  • Front Spoiler
  • Gaz Gold Pro Shocks - with full GEO

I can’t understand why know one seems to know about this version - There were only a few differences but I think the styling was really nice - I love it anyway


Are there any other “G” Limited Owners out there??









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Yes, but not many of us last time I asked although 1500 were reputably built.

I like the hardtop in Satellite Blue, have been thinking for some time about what colour to get and yours is the first I have seen in this colour. Have never seen one for sale so I guess a re spray will be needed.

Mine had the blue seats but they were too far gone and I prefer leather, so I picked up a pair from a 10Aniv edition in black and blue which I think suit.

Nice looking car  although personally I prefer the original seven spoke wheels.


Hi Dave the hard top came with the last “G” Limited I had and was Satellite Blue in the first place.

 I still have the original 7 spoke lightweight wheels in fact I’ve kept all of the original parts.  

 I’m sure we are not alone, there must be others out there! It would be interesting to know how many. Do you recall how many there were last time you asked the question?

 I have walked around the car parks/fields at rally’s and I’ve seen two others - at Gaydon there were 5 or 6 Le Mans and only 1 “G” Limited Mine!

 I would be interested if have some pictures Laughing 


Nice car! - I see you are in Cheshire - are you in our local group?

Hey Curly,

I got a G!!  Like you, I think colour is brll, especially when highly waxed and sitting in sunlight - it can;t decide if it wants to be blue or purple… or both.

I don’t have LSD, I think was factory option, and mine sits on non-original wheels; if ever you consider parting with your originals, let me know, I’d be very (very) interested.

I couple my G with a silver hardtop - it’s a great combination.  In my hometown, I saw a silver Mk1 wearing what looked like a satellite blue HT, so inspired me to go for a contrast (plus lots of silver tops around, and I’d never seen a satellite blue one anywhere).

My car’s pretty standard, but I did fit decat-pipe and MX5Parts dual outlet exhaust; a great sounding combination, much loved by my son. ;-))

It’s been treated to a great set of Nankang NS-2R and yellowstuff pads, and has thrashed its way around Blyton for the last 2 years, will be at Curborough sprint in April as well.  I love that the car looks great, but love even more that it drives really great; after years of company-car Euro-box ownership it’s a delight to spend time in my G, as well as tinkering with a poverty-spec 1990 Mk1, and having treated my wife and I (both in our 50th year) to a PRHT Mk3 I can’t imagine we’ll ever be without a 5 of some kind… and I think it’ll be the G that remains “the keeper”.

Keep enjoying… hopefully will see it Spring and National Rally, maybe Blyton?!?

Cheers, Tim

Hi I’m in West Midlands - I think its Dave who replied to my post who is in Cheshire.



Tim your car sounds great I would like to see some pictures if you have any?

Did I meet you at an “across area” meet at a Brewery??

As for the wheels - I don’t think; I will put them back on, my plan was have the option of restoring the car to standard if I ever chose to at some point.

I might be tempted to sell the wheels, which are stored in the greenhouse and I do have another set of aftermarket “emergency Wheels” in there - perhaps make an offer?


Their fitted with Maxxis 185/60/R14’s and all have about the same tread - look almost new to me?? a bit dusty in the picture.


I have never taken the 5 on the track - I’m very (very) tempted! I will be bringing the G to the spring rally though!   





Correct; the G-Limited was loosely based on the then new “M-Package”. Previously, owners buying a 1.8 could either order the base model, on steel wheels and all, or go to the next trim level, the S-Package, which threw in power mirrors, and the 4.100 Torsen (4.300 from 1996). The M-Package was sort of in between; not a stripped vehicle like the base model, but a bit cheaper than the S-Package (Japan was going through hard times back then). The G-Limited had the unique seats and paint. Its default spec was without Torsen and on Showa shocks, with the standard 14" alloy wheel. Obviously, a number arrived with Torsen. Its too early to receive the Phase 2 engine (133hp); those were fitted from NA8C-4******. The Phase 1.5 cars were short lived; these had the earlier engine, but with the Phase 2 flywheel and a 4.300 T1 Torsen (Phase 2 went to a 4.300 T2 Torsen). These are in the series NA8C-3******. As far as I know, these are all RS-Limited or R-Limiteds.

Saz 9961,

Thanks for the reply and for the information -

I’m basing my description on what I’ve been told by members of my regional group.

I just had a look and my G-Limited is NA8C - 305686 - so what does that tell you?

Any info is much appreciated!


Yes, I think we did meet at Wood Farm Brewery (joint NEM/N’ton/Phoenix meet?)

I really would recommend a spot of time on track; MX5 comes alive when not constrained on roads… go for the novice session at Blyton.  PeteMac and all the team on the day will help with tons of advice, and you will NOT feel intimidated at all - it’s great fun.

OK, posting photos from p/bucket…

Don’t have a lot of photos… too busy driving it :slight_smile:

I’ll send you a PM regarding the wheels, cheers, Tim

Hi Curlyteeth,

Can’t remember exact number of fellow owners, it was almost two years ago now but I think you could count them on one hand.

 This is ‘Bluebell’

This Bluebell at the paint shop last autumn

Inside, although now she has nice new mats.

Engine bay

New rocker cover ready to go on along with gasket and CAS o ring

Front corner after ‘muppet’ decided he had time to turn right across the front of me two weeks ago, engineer coming to access the damage on Thursday, thankfull he is a good ‘muppet’ and held his hands up so his insurance is paying.

Like you done many things, new shocks, springs, brakes, fitted front lamps, did you know the G has a slightly different loom and is prewired for driving/fog lamps, electric mirrors etc?

Still much to do!


Perhaps see you around somewhere sometime.




If anyone reads Japanese, thje specs of the Sr 1.5 Roadsters;

And decoding that sticker coding


Hi knighthauler, yes I am in the CNW group and have been for the last two years. Unfortunately you meet on the second Wednesday of the month which is the same night as the Midget & Sprite club which I have been a member of for ten years, so we still meet up with long time friends there.





Thanks for the pictures I like the seats! I saw some of them on e-bay a while back and seriously thought about buying them, but they weren’t as good as your appear to be. I think they definitely suit it best out of all the alternatives out there - my seats are pretty good at the moment though.

Shame about the corner bump! The reason I’m on my second “G” Limited is that some idiot tried to intimidate me on the motor way and hit another car before forcing me into the barrier at 70mph - I survived but the “G” didn’t!

Interesting about the wiring - I fitted the Hard Top from my first “G” and all the wiring was there for the screen, but that may the case for all?? I just had to fit a switch and the LA10 relay near to the boot release.

Hope to see you around in your “G” are you going to the spring rally?



I found this on an old NUTs forum page: -

"Some say its based on a M-Package, but there is no 1995 M-Package listed by Mazda, so assume that the G-Limited to be based on the M-Package to be erroneous.

Official Mazda model list for series 1.5:

NORMAL 001 N035 NORMAL 002 N035 S-SP 002 N037 V-SP 002 N035 V-SPII 002 N035 G-LTD 002 N035 NORMAL 006 N036 V-SP 006 N036 V-SPII 006 N036 S-SP 010 N037 RS-LTD 014 N040 R-LTD 014 N040 R-LTD 014 N040 NORMAL 051 N038 V-SP 051 N038 V-SPII 051 N038 G-LTD 051 N038 NORMAL 055 N039 V-SP 055 N039 V-SPII 055 N039 NORMAL 061 N039 V-SPII 061 N039

Obtained from:…8s15/index.html…a8s15_llll.html…a8s15_kkkk.html"


I have heard this before that the “G” Limited is based on the M Package and is a Series 1.5 and the spec is assumed from those 2 facts but is it? and why is the information about the “G” Limited spec not simply available on the net as it is for all the others??

The truth is out there!



Hi Curlyteeth,
Found this some time ago

Don’t know if it is of any help.


Thanks Dave some interesting stuff about the “G” and what a great Website generally!



Its not based on a S-Package (if so, it would have been despecced losing the power mirrors), its not based on the S-Special (no Bilsteins, no Torsen as standard). Then it must be based on the base model. Links to specs previously provided, in Japanese. It doesn’t really matter in the end though.

Hi Curlyteeth,
Do you happen to know the length of the cat on your car.
Thinking of replacing the exhaust system and have measured mine at 37cm, yet replacement sites all say it should be 44cm for my car.