My Mk 3.75 Venture Edition - Maya

Hi all,

As promised my follow up post from my introduction 

So I grabbed myself an MX-5 after my beloved MGTF gave up the fight in early August  it was a fine car and introduced me to the wonderful ways of top down motoring - something which I dont think I can ever go back on!

Was browsing online for convertibles in general and saw this 2013 1.8 Venture Edition with full history and in immaculate condition. From the very first pictures I saw I knew I had to have it and wasted no time getting myself to the dealership for a test drive, which turned out to be purely a formality (although a welcome one) as from the second I saw the car in person I was in love and basically had my debit card in my hand 

So here she is on the day I picked her up

As you can see the weather was perfect for a day of driving and I covered nearly 200 miles within 24 of hours of ownership  I’ve never had so much fun driving any car as I have in this MX-5 and it truly feels like an extension of yourself on the road. I’m absolutely besotted already and take any excuse to go for a drive 


Sunday the 15th of september was rally day and this was one of the most fun days I think I’ve ever had, seeing so many 5’s of all different types on the way to the event and at the museum on the day was truly a sight to behold, what a fun day! A must do event for anyone who hasn’t managed to make one yet. A couple of pics from our northern convoy to the 

So since owning Maya I’ve done a few tinkery bits and have a few more things planned, for now I’ve managed to swap the sidelights, interior light and number plate lights out for white LEDs, which I think set any car off nicely

Next was pressed number plates and Mazda branded plate holders 

Shortly followed by tinted side indicators which were picked up from the MX5 parts tent at the rally, love the look of these 

Followed by some Mazda door guards because my passengers seem to love knocking these big wide doors on things, mainly my driveway gates

That’s about it so far but I’m sure I’ll find more things I want to do that will drain the wallet 

We finish with a couple of cheeky pics I took whilst on a drive with my friend over the A57 snake pass, which is luckily a 2 minute drive from my house. Such a fantastic driving road with some great views along the way - highly recommended (also a great few camping spots along there for when the weather allows, as a side note the boot handled everything we needed for 2 nights of camping so who says these cars are too small? and a couple of snaps I’ve taken that I haven’t yet included.


So let me know what you think! And thanks for the warm welcome I’ve had into the MX-5 family. 

Happy motoring!


Looks nice apart from the number plates.

Thanks mate  you dont like pressed plates in general or something else?



Just a bit fussy for my taste.  To me number plates always detract from any car’s looks so anything that draws attention to them just amplifies that.


I get what you mean, how nice it would be if we didn’t have to have them at all! Cars would all look much cleaner.

For me I like pressed over normal plates because they appear a bit smoother without the bolts or screws in the middle holding them in, and the plate holders help achieve that, I’m also a sucker for anything branded so the Mazda ones it was for me! 

To each their own 


Nice car!

Yes, it’s a pleasant trip over the Snake Pass, done that quite a few times myself.

Hi there,
We joined the forum recently, as hopefully we pick our Mk4 5 up this week .
Nice looking car you’ve got. We were looking at a MK 3.75 recently at Car people in Sheffield, but for a similar price we opted for a 2015 Sat nav 1.5.
Might see you out and about on the steal city streets sometime.

Glad you enjoyed your run down to the rally with us 

Hi MacFarlane 17. First of all - very nice car. Secondly can you say where you got those Mazda door guards please? I am looking for something like that but no joy as yet.

Many thanks.

Enjoy! If its anything like the 3 you wont be disappointed  yeah hopefully we’ll run into each other.

Very much so Bally, Top day out! The mrs is convinced shes getting a 5 now too so I think I’ve converted her  its infectious.

Thanks Jay glad you like! I found them on eBay in a set of 4 for a fiver posted! Bargain. I cant seem to find anything similar at the moment but I’m sure they’ll pop up eventually. I saw a similar set of mazdaspeed branded ones on ebay USA so may be worth a look there too.