My Mk1 1.6 18 year old..........


And I love it!

Looks fantastic, though I’m biased as I also run a Mk1 on gunmetal Rota RBs. Now need to lower it, so can I ask - what are the ‘style springs’ you’re using and is the ride reasonable with them? Thanks.

Looks smart and those gunmetal wheels really suit it.[:)] First post on new forum hope it works![:O]

Nice looking Mk1…in the best colour…!!..[;)]

 Love the wheels in that colour…[Y]

Yes, very nice [:D]

Thanks all for the replies, I love the Rota’s as well, even though they are a pain to clean.

Bertie, I think they are these. They do stiffen the ride but not to uncomfortable levels. 


Thanks for that!

Hey looks really good!

Love the alloys

Thats a cracking red Mk1, I bet the new owner is a happy bunny[:D]