My MX5 which i've owned for almost 11 years

Now i am able to add pictures, indulgent time.

Thanks for looking.


Well this is obviously your pride and joy, and you’ve spent time and effort getting it how you want it .
Fair play to ya .


Looking good, don’t see many white NC1’s around.:+1:

Nice car like your color choice love the bonnet :+1:

Looking good in white. Great photos. :grinning:

Looking great as always Dave👍


The tail pipes are very nice

That is a very nice car, credit to you.



Just posting a couple more pictures.
As i’ve had the car for a few years all my earlier pictures of the car when it was ‘basic’ with no up grades have disappeared into the ether.

And thanks to all for the kind words.


Looks great,love the wheels!!!

Agree with Xantia, love those wheels, tbh, it’s a nice looking NC alround.


That is a very very nice car, credit to you. Enjoy.

Thank you for the replies.
Just want to add a couple of up to date under bonnet pictures, if i may.


what strut brace is that? Any good? Does it come on black?

It’s an Ultra Racing two point brace from MX5parts which i bought with the 10% discount at one of the rallies 7 or 8 years ago.
There is also a four point brace.
They only come in white but if you search MX5parts there are other makes and colours.
To be honest the only feeling i got out of it was a placebo feel, if there is such a thing.
I bought the white basically because my car is white.

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and paint is cheap

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Unfortunately the skill required to apply it correctly is not

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Had chats with three MX5 owners today, one has a ‘snowflake’ RF, another one has just bought a NC launch edition and one has a red NC.
I also managed to burn my head quite badly as i forgot the sun cream.


And a super cool Jimny right next to it too.

Where did you get the bonnet ?