My NC - Play in clutch pedal after a couple of months of storage


Hoping for some advice, recently taken my 2014 2.0 NC out for a quick drive after a couple of months in the garage and have noticed some play in the clutch pedal

When the pedal is depressed, just as you push the pedal down, the first couple of inches is just free play. After this you can feel the pressure of the clutch.

Clutch release is as normal and the gears go in fine.

Hoping this is a quick fix

Many thanks


My guess is probably master or slave cylinder leak.

I would do a complete brake fluid and clutch fluid change…
From experience do NOT let the lines get air in.
One reason is not to get air in the clutch line as it’s a pig to get out.
The second is you do not want to cause damage to the seals in the MC by going “too far”.
The clutch slave cylinder is close to the oil filter area.
The brake and clutch share the same master cylinder.

There should be free play, but not two inches. The slave cylinder may be leaking - you can usually peel back the boot and look for fluid. The fluid in the clutch line is never changed by most mechanics, so the cylinder rusts. It’s not a very expensive or difficult part to change.

Many thanks people

Will start with the slave cylinder and go from there