My new toy

Bought this today . 

Drives really well. Even the wife helped clean it.images host

image direct link

I hope you enjoy your car

Looks a really smart example - enjoy your car. 

looks like you have a very nice car there. Some details would be appreciated.

Get out and enjoy it before the weather goes pear shaped.  

Rltd about 70k miles
Pretty much stock


Gotcha!! - carandclassic - very clean MOT history. Very few miles covered from 2007.

Look after her 

In response to your PM, sorry I do not have personal knowledge of this car, it just feels right.

Just looked up ‘R-limited mx5 for sale’ and the carandclassics photo came up with description and registration number which I checked on the government MOT history website. All looks excellent. As car was sold there was no mention of price. 

Here is the advert - registration and mileage look like yours?     


do you know the car. Was it advertised somewhere

IIm not sure its that car