N Cornwall A39 "Atlantic Highway" Clovelly - Bude

 Take a detour for this one …

Why only that stretch? A little while ago I suggested the route from Bridgewater to Indian Queens via Bude… If your serious about this “Driving the '5 for the fun of it” lark, You’ve got to clock up the seat time !


 We were on holiday.

The missus can only handle half an hour’s white knuckle action at a time.

(perhaps I should rephrase that[:$] )



 Insert punchline here :"…".



Glad you two like this area. I had the pleasure of driving from Clovelly to Bude today. I have to agree its a great road,guaranteed to make you smile on a sunny day and at this time of the year not too many cars on the road[:D] 

The only downside is usually I am on my way to work when I do this drive[:(]

next time detour from Bude to Widemouth Bay along  the coast for fantastic views.

Hi Gold-Timer

We just had a fab weeks  brake in Hayle and I agree with you! Drove to St Tintagel for a day and it was fab.[:D]

The weather was great! top all week long, Happy days.




[:P] Have you joined the YHA and had a night in Boscastle ?

Brilliant YH’s in Cornwall, and MX5’s are always welcome and a good talking point.

Good to eat out in Boscastle.

Put Boscastle on your 'Must Do ! ’ list.

Have fun !


91 Eunos in BRG ( V Spec )