Na 1998 Outer CV joint clip

Hi All,

Whilst removing the offside driveshaft from my 1.8 1998 NA today, the outer cv joint separated. 

Upon close inspection the clip which holds the shaft inside the CV joint ( like the driveshaft in the diff end, but smaller) is damaged, as though it has been “reinstalled” previously. It is out of true and has a nick in it creating a weak spot.

I have already ordered replacement inner clips from MX5 Parts, but cannot find any reference anywhere on the net to the outer clips. They must be available as it seems you can buy a replacement outer CV joint.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Can anyone come up with a supplier or part number please?

I have looked on the online Mazda parts list, but again no mention of this outer clip, although there is mention of the inner clip.

My driveshafts are of the push in variety and I have ABS.

Any help gratefully received as always.

Thanks in anticipation


Hi Richard

This will do the job.

Hi Rob

Thanks for that, but perhaps I wasn’t clear in my post. It is not the boot clip that I need. It is a “C” clip which actually goes on the splined drive shaft, which then slides in to the outer CV joint and holds the whole lot together.

Here is a link to the differential end clip on the drive shaft. I need the outer ( hub end ) clip. It looks the same, but is smaller.

From looking on the net and measuring the driveshaft I think that the dimensions are

26mm OD

24mm ID

1.6mm thick

I have found a box of assorted "C " clips on ebay listed for Mazda MX5, but have not had a reply from the vendor as to whether there is anything close to those dimensions in the box.

Failing any results finding a clip, I may have to resort to a used complete drive shaft, as it appears many others before me have had to do !

Apparently the Mazda service manual states the outer CV joint has no user serviceable parts!



Sorry Richard

Read what I wanted to see in your first post:-)

Have you seen This one

Would seem to be the correct OD but perhaps a little on the thick side. I would buy it and use a dremel or similar tool to adapt as required.


Thanks again Rob

I had seen that one. They also have another one ( sizes unspecified ), so I have a couple of irons in the fire.

I bought a dewalt nut runner after we had the conversation regarding the stubborn bolts on the subframe / wishbones. One of my best purchases yet…so I may have to follow your advice and buy a Dremel now !  ( other makes available ! )



Holy thread revival!

Hi LffSam, I’m in the same boat and looking for the outer C clip, did you ever find one that fit?

Hi Mike, I ended up buying a box of assorted c clips from an online supplier, approx 200 in the box from memory, but iirc it was only about a tenner.

Spot on cheers mate