NA hose replacement

Good afternoon all, after some issues with my 5 i’ve found a coolant leak out of one of the heater matrix hoses so have decided that i’ll replace all the hoses with silicone ones as having 25 year old hosing in the car isnt particularly reliable. My question is, what size clamps (probably looking at t-bolt style clamps) do I need for each hose? I’m looking at changing all the coolant and breather hoses, possibly also the vacuum lines as this will mean that all the hoses in the engine bay will be the same age so I can keep track of maintenance required easier.

Thanks in advance!


I recently used these

The cir-clips were included (Stainless Steel W4 Worm Drive Hose Clips ), left some sharp edges exposed, which I am not too happy about. The hoses themselves seem good quality and fitted well. Time will tell.

I had the engine and box out when I changed them which mad the installation simple. There are a couple for the heater matrix around the back of the engine which would have been a real pain to do in situ.

Cut off the heater matrix hoses as the matrix connections are made from soft copper and are very thin, to avoid possible damage when removing the old hoses.




If you are referring to the hoses that go through the bulkhead, exercise extreme caution as the  connectors go weak/ brittle.

Cut the perished hoses longways, and peel them off carefully banana style. You just do NOT want the connectors to snap or go AWOL in the bulkhead.

Thanks for the replies, i’m still looking at the Stoney Racing 15 piece set but have also seen that MX5 Heaven do a 21 piece set. Do you know where these extra 6 hoses might go as I’d like to change everything at once! All I can think of is that some of them go to the charcoal canister a the front left of the engine bay but I know this can be removed. Does this sound feasible?