NA starting

My 1990 eunos 1,6 started normally , but would not accelerate .
Later in the day it would not start at all . I have checked fuel supply ,sparks , throttle linkage , all seem ok
Have bypassed the starter/fuel pump relay.
I now suspect the mass airflow device . Does anyone know if this is repairable , and by whom ?
Or any other suggestions as to the fault ?

Check the ecu is not sat in water. There’s been a lot of rain!

Thanks Jacob for the suggestion .
Have looked , its bone dry -she’s always garaged and not often used in the rain !

Does it crank when it doesnt start?

Thanks for your interest .
Yes ,turns over well. So far have fitted new fuel pump (as a precaution ) ,cannot check pressure but delivers 5 litre in 75 secs . New plugs .Spark seems good on all four . Cleaned throttle body, all wiring connectors .
Checked resistance of plug leads and injectors . By passed pump relay .
Plugs get wet when cranking but not a sign of it firing ?
In desperation tried a squirt of fuel in each pot . No go . Left it for a day or two ,disconnected fuel pump cranked it to clear any residue , replaced plugs , it then fired up on the fumes !! Stopped in seconds .
reconnect pump (relay still bypassed ) would not fire .
Currently removed fuel rail and injectors , to test spray ?
Watch this space ?

Have you checked the timing? If the bolt has loosened, maybe the timing is moving around.

The bolt on the cam sensor, that is.

Yes , its tight and sensor not moved .
As engine ran (briefly ) on “fumes”, cam and ignition timing surely correct ?
just checked injectors - they all work - squirt rather than the fine spray I was expecting .
Before I refit them, anyone know the correct part number for 1990 Eunos 1.6 injectors ?
Have seen both 195500-1970 and 195500-2180 quoted .

If you have fuel, spark and compression it should run so its a case of trying to determine whats missing.
Have you tried a noid light on the injectors to see if they are pulsing?
I know not everyone has them but they are cheap enough to buy.
A squirt of easy start up the intake is a primitive way to check fuel/spark.

Hi Craig ,
The injectors work when tested on the detached fuel rail .
I guess the next step may be to refit , get a noid light and try again .
I tried easy start earlier in the process , got a "bang " , but not much else .
So seems that ignition ok .
Would think that even if grossly over-rich should run "lumpily "?

You should get it to practically run on easy start so id maybe consider the ignition rather than fuel.

Is it possible one of the cams has slipped one tooth out? This can mean some compression is lost out a partially open valve.

Thanks for the suggestion. after a long delay got back to work on the car .Having checked everting else , removed the cam box cover and found the belt had indeed jumped - several teeth .
A puzzle as to why - the belt has only been on for 6500m , and tension was found correct .,
Now fitting new belt ,pulleys etc .- and keeping fingers crossed !!

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