Nardi Torino

i have just bought my first MX-5 2001 Sport

i was told by the seller that it is a limited edition Nardi Torino. It does have a NT steering wheel but I cant find any reference to Mazda releasing  a limited edition car with that name! Can anybody enlighten me? Cheers

There was no Nardi Torino limited edition. It could be another limited edition or a normal Sport model. Any other details on the car or photos may bring something To light.


it seems to be a normal mkii sport but has Nardi Torino lable on the steering wheel. Is that a normal wheel for the model?

Nardi Torino was just the model of steering wheel fitted by Mazda to these cars. I think its often the case that garages embellish the identities of cars to make the sale.

I thought the Nardi branding was replaced with a Mazda wings logo on 2001 models assuming that your car is a facelift model. It could be a late registered pre-facelift though.

The Nardi logo was retained, just moved, I’ll correct myself “Torino” is just where Nardi is based, not the model of wheel.




Oh I see

thanks for all your help

what do you mean by ’ a face lift model’ though?

mine is registered late as you say in October 2001 it’s a 51 plate


Which steering wheel do you have? The top or bottom one?

I have the bottom one!


Yours is a facelift model then, referred to by many as a Mk2.5