National Rally 2011 track photos

 Here are a few photos I took of the track sessions on Saturday. I know they are not great but some of those that went might spot themselves.

Love the last one mate, it doesn’t show my bald spot!

Any chance I could be so bold (not bald) as to ask you to email me the original PLEASE?

Cracking photos that sum up a great day Thumbs up

anyone got late afternoon photos?  still waiting to see my roadster on track in the ER session. I think the official photu guy had gone by then :frowning:



Hi Martin,<o:p></o:p>

Sorry I’ve not got any pictures of the 4 p.m. session, as I was driving at the same time.<o:p></o:p>

But here a few pictures from the end of the 3:30 pm session.

A bit blured this one

Are there any pictures of the 4 pm session as both Martin and I would be interested?<o:p></o:p>


<o:p>And if any of you were wondering what an Astra Mk4 was doing with its poping and banging exhaust, it was my son’s 3 litre V6, which he has just put together and the track day was a perfect opertunity for him to try it out.<o:p></o:p></o:p>

 Fantastic Photos, and I see myself on 2 of them, thanks for reminding me what a great time I had. I can’t wait to get out on track again, and now I know why a vauxhall astra when past me so easily!!!Big Smile


I took about 250 pics between 9.30 and 3.30 at Silverstone.

I can only put up a few here, but if you think you were on track when I was taking pics, send me some details of your car and I will see if I have you. Especially the Mazda Hug lady! I was too busy as a Northants area foot-soldier to take any pics on Sunday, so I have loved seeing those posted here.



Mine’s on there already (IMGP4216.jpg)  :)  Is it OK if I pinch a copy, to post elsewhere?


Hi Nic

Have you got any of Belle, the Mariner Blue MKI with decasl and roll cage, she was out from 2 until 3.30.




 oh yes, if you PM your e-mail, I’ll look them out.


Best if I e-mail you the ones I have of your car. You’re welcome to make any personal use of them, but I do retain the copyright, of course,  Smile




Hi Nic great photo`s even better if you have some of me (Green mk2 V429 YOG)


Cheers Mikey



V429 YOG

Found a couple, can you send me your e-mail address?


I’ve looked at the pro photographer’s website (Tony Rundle) and I notice he was donating 10% of his fee to Macmillans - so if anyone has printed off my photos rather than buy his, Macmillans are losing out as well as Tony (sorry Tony!).  So I’ve said to people who asked if I want anything for my photos of their cars, no I don’t, but if you liked them, just give something to Macmillans.  It’s entirely up to you if you want to.