National Rally 2013 Saturday Meet and Greet Point.

Saturday 28 September Sandringham Meet and Greet Point. 

Located near the Sandringham visitors centre Eastern members will be on hand from about 9.30am to 3.30pm with rally and local information, details of the runs and a friendly face. Toilets at the visitors centre are also nearby.

To find the meet and greet follow the tourist signs to Sandringham and the visitors centre but don’t go into the centre carparks, watch out for the Club signs and flags. Postcode PE35 6EH will send you to Park House Hotel and will get you near enough to the welcome point car park to spot the signs and flags. 

A Google map of the key rally locations; The Gala Dinner (saturday night), The Rally Site (sunday only), and the Meet and Greet Point (saturday only) can be found here


The Rally Runs

Details of the runs can now be found here.


Saturday is also the ideal opportunity to vist Sandringham House and Gardens

Details of the reduced admission charges can be found here.



Martin - Hi !

cannot locate Meet and Greet Point - map not coming up.
Also do we have any details of the runs as yet please?

Bye for now

Hi, map should be there now, and runs will be online by end of today… Smile

The link to the maps is not working.

Working for me…

Map is working Smile

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Do you mean the routes? I’ll sort that…

It is for me as well now, don’y know what happened, thanks for the swift response.

Should be sorted now…

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you can find all the locations on this map as well and below…

Route map to Sandringham


Wow, the team saw so many of you today, it was fantastic.  The roads around Sandringham and King’s Lynn are packed with MX-5s… Smile