National Rally 2020 Postponement

I have to announce the postponement of our planned July Rally and motorsport activities.

The team and I are working exceedingly hard to reschedule our events and we will be in touch with all members just as soon as these plans are ready.


Sadly, not unexpected.

A real shame,but totally understandable in these circumstances

Understandably so, fingers crossed later in the year. Be safe everyone.


Totally agree with his action and well done to the top team for managing this one for all MX5OC members.

Hi is this the July 4th and 5th meet that is cancelled?
Best regards.

See post 1 of this thread from Iain

There was also a last minute update sent on the cover sheet of last Soft Top Hardtop, This was also emailed to all members shortly after that in the covid update form the Chairman.

We are considering the later calendar date for a potential postponement, but are being rigorous in the approach to the planning on this, it may still not be possible to stage an event of scale at that time.

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I see the 2020 Rally on the 20th September is moving ahead, will this be the Autumn National Rally at Margam Park that is still in the calender or is the venue somewhere else?

Have a look here and register your interest so you do not get left behind.
We have booked hotels and will go whatever the club does.

Thanks for replying, I have already registered my interest but the site does not specify the location hence my question above. It says " The Venue are planning a safe and secure day for all involved" but doesn’t confirm the location.

Welsh Wales is where the ‘calendar’ section says it will be so I am confident that if it goes ahead that is where it will be.
We will have 5 days in Wales whatever the outcome, but it would be nice to have one ‘car’ related do this year.
We normally attend a few events in our classic Mini as well as MX5 gatherings so we are getting major withdrawal symptoms at the moment.
Hoping to se you all again soon.

Please don’t rush ahead. This is a complicated set of plans. A specific announcement will follow.
Updates are out to ACs and the venue will be confirmed when the ticketing limits and process is in place.

This day will not be at Margam or Claydon. Those events are now fully postponed for future plans.


Thanks Iain.

Ty/Diolch for the update, chaps
Was hoping for a Welsh bash but … another time.
Fingers crossed for somewhere not too far off as I’ve an airport run in the early hours.

Anyway - more importantly #staysafe :mask:

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