National Rally - A Couple of Suggestions

An absolutely brilliant National Rally Weekend - extremely well done to the organisers - it has to be up there with the best ever, certainly from all the Rallies I have attended.

However I would like to make a couple of suggestions…

Car Competitions

As stated elsewhere - “The Car is The Star”

So why, in respect to the hours, and sometimes days, of preparation invested in the Competition Cars by their owners, do we not display them prominently and proudly in the centre of the arena, rather than tucking them away in rather cramped corner of the field in a fairly haphazard fashion? These are, after all, judged to be the best cars in the club, let us admire and celebrate them, and give them pride of place.

PA System

Was I the only person feeling slightly embarrassed to see our Chairman, who should be the most senior and respected person in our Club, standing in front of a crowd of people at the Presentations with a totally inadequate PA System and being laughed at by sections of the crowd? This is unacceptable. Surely the Club has the resources to purchase/hire a PA System suitable for a large outdoor event.

I repeat that this is in no way a criticism of the immense effort put in by the organisers to achieve a very successful National Rally.

What the Club needs is a National Events Co-Ordinator with the experience and expertise to assist and advise the organisers (didn’t Gerry Nichols used to fill this role rather well). In addition the role should include analysing feedback from organisers and attendees to inform future organisers and ensure a constant improvement in National Events, perhaps even attending other organisations’ events to see how they do it.

And, before you ask Ken, YES, I would be prepared to step forward and offer my services - if asked - I believe I have most of the skills rerquired.


Great, that’s the National Rally 2013 sorted then.

Shall we say the Easton Showground, around September?..


I will however follow up my previous - rather flippant - remark by saying that Peter Jakeways is our current National Events Co-ordinator and the Silverware he has won for events such as the Silverstone Classic and Classic Car Show speak for themselves. And I think I’m right in saying that a new PA system was on the shopping list for the last-but-one Committee meeting.

If the ER do offer to host the 2013 National, rest assured, I will be pushing myself to the front of the queue to get involved.


Oops, I knew PJ did the competitions but was not aware that he was National Events Co-Ordinator.

Indeed, I was at the Siverstone Classic and the Trophy was well deserved - but there’s more to co-ordinating a National Rally than putting up a gazebo and parking cars in line.

I saw PJ judging the cars and sorting the results on Sunday, he looked very confused and disorganised - witness the frantic flipping through paperwork and putting the wrong rosette on one car. It also looked as though Roadster Robbie had to take over the parking of the competition cars in the morning because PJ didn’t seem to be able to cope.

There was no evidence of lessons learnt from previous Rallies on show at the weekend. The club relied on the Area Team reinventing the wheel, and they did a superb job.


Should hopefully have one by 2013 then Big Smile