Info for you dog owners that were planning to take your dog to rally, as many people do.

Please look at Prescott website & click on Health & Safety section. This will confirm NO DOGS.

I hope this helps, as we have had to make alternative arrangements as we were going to take our dog.

Leigh & Nicola Morris


Yes, we’d picked up on this some time ago, and have made arrangements for Jess to go to Grandma’s.  Jess tends to go everywhere with us, but Prescott obviously have good reason not to allow dogs.  We’ve booked a hotel stay & Jess will be spoiled rotten for the weekend with Grandma, so all is good here Big Smile

Yep I asked this same question a few months ago as we will be on holiday around that date and was making the National Weekend part of the holiday and seeing as our Border Collie Meg will be with us we won’t be able to attend Sad

 Thats blown it for us as well as Maisie our Parson Russell Terrier will  also be with us on holiday at Broadway caravan site in Worcestershire, shame is we where really looking forward to meeting some of you.Sad

It may be an option;

There are a couple of local kennels who might be approachable to look after a dog for a day/few hours? at least you’d know they are in experienced hands.

Closest looks to be

Springfield, Gotherington Fields,
Gotherington, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL52 9SB
Tel:  01242 672044

Just a thought.

What about cats? Especially ones with extra, even more razor-sharp claws that like to climb on MX-5s…not allowed too?

Only kidding lol!Thumbs up

 You want to watch that cat Taff!..Looks like he has got opposable thumbs! Don’t leave the car keys lying around…DevilWink

He is a genuine freak of nature officially a Polydactyl Cat, also known as a Cardie Cat or a Hemmingway Cat (Ernest had a few in Key-West Florida. which have bred and are cared-for by staff as instructed in his will) they were highly rated on ships of old as they could (apparently) turn quicker and catch more vermin while on-board. The pair given to Hemmingway came as a gift from a ship.

Never puts the tools away after himself though:

He is quite handy on MX-5s all our cars have been mice-free since 2010 Wink