National Rally - Autotest - Sunday 18 Sept.

National Rally Autotest

Simple test on a smooth grass field, why not demonstrate your driving skills by having a go at our “Autotest” no competition licence required.

Loughborough Car Club Ltd. are organising this event for us and the entrance fee is being subsidise bringing the cost down to only £5 per driver.

The Autotest is a non damaging motor sport for road cars and will be covered by the general regulations of Motor Sport Association Ltd (incorporating the provision of the International Sporting Code of FISA)

The 80 places are available to all MX5 Owners Members on a basis of first come first served with each driver requiring a passenger to assist in navigating the pre-determined route, entries may be made by two drivers in one car providing they both pay the entrance fee and have a navigator.

Competitors will be identified by the vehicle registration number and results will be published as soon as they are available with trophies being awarded to the best three competitors before the end of the rally.

A booking form will be issued in the June copy of STHT, so be sure to get your application in early to avoid disappointment

Check out the Autotest video here…

Loughborough Autotest

Sounds great fun!

1st and 2nd  (and reverse) gear so no high-speed offs, whilst driving on grass will make for challenging conditions.

Will make a complete change from the silky smooth (and sticky) tarmac of Silverstone the day before.


Big Smile

Sounds like more than just FUN.  I reckon this will be fab… How about a Club Area challenge… ?  So far then we got Eastern v Yorkshire by the sound of it…  Big Smile

 Eastern vs Yorkshire vs Northampton.  The home team has the advantage Wink

count me in for Yorkshire


 as long As I can get my car off the Hot car stand to the test Circuit count me in.


Ive been known to spend a bit of time on grass going around in circlesEmbarassed.


Grass and R888’s sounds like donut heaven.



 Yup.  For you, guaranteed, Alan  Big Smile

 Ok thats good…the form and the Fiver is on its way!!!


And its nice not having to worry about washing the mud off afterwardsBig Smile


Anyone want to be co pilot as the wife cant tell left from right ???

Ive done an autosolo before but that time I had to remeber which way to go around the cones…I set a good time but had a few faults…Doh


 Got a victim to sit next to me.

Banzai headbands at the ready…



Its no good taking the mrs she`d only tell you to slow down lol



Must be very brave or stupid if you ask me Shock


 And yes stupid is the right word Ian. Secrets not out but I know who you running with…

What time you going for?

Check out our good friend Ken Stanbury doing a bit of autotest navigation… Big Smile

Is a passenger compulsary?

 I believe so, Robbie, although I’ve no idea why that should be.  Helmets are not necessary though.

 Well am down for the 1-2 pm slot for my sins. Never done one of these before and have no sense of direction. Will a compass out of my christmas cracker help??? I get knackered getting off Tesco car park when it’s empty!!

No fear of winning but should interesting trying to keep the car in a straight line at any time...

My Fiancee would be the passenger and thus navigator…which doesn’t fill me with confidence Stick Tongue Out

 Well we had a RIGHT blast on the field and did a best of 1min 5sec, 2nd and 3rd run I drove like a spanner on acid. Fabulous fun. I want more!!!

Thanks to the organisers for putting this one on. Best £5 I’ve spent in a while!!

Yes Yes Yes, what a blast we had on the grass, Hmmmm 1min 2sec 1st go, 2nd go spun 360 twice, 3rd go 1min 4sec. wooopy dooo Dancing