National Rally @ Prescott - Trackside Photos

Hi All,

Prescott Rally trackside photos now available on Facebook, please follow this link to view:

Also available via the website link: Look for the MX5 listing

All high res photos can be emailed @ £10.00 each. Please copy the copyrighted version on facebook to your hard drive (right click and save) then email to me at:  I will get back to you as soon as I can. All payments via PayPal payment request that I will send to your email address :slight_smile:

Cheers, Allan

Prescott photographer


Ty Thumbs up

Hi Allan, some great photos there but somehow I thought there might be a few more of the cars on the hillclimb Don't know

Yes, had a camera pointed at me on the hill - but can’t see any of the car.

My pal Malith may well have some of you, PM your reg no. and email address and I will ask him for youThumbs up

Thank you. Its difficult to be on the hill all day so we tend to do our own thing and spread around taking photos as we go. Usually find one or more of us have a photo of most cars on the day, maybe worth emailing Shireen and Paul. Will message them via Facebook so they will know you are looking :slight_smile:

I haven’t finished going through mine yet but if you want to email/PM me the colour, mark and reg I will have a look Smile

 Mines a black mk2  T779 DGU if anyones gotta pic. I had strobes behind the front grill, so hard to miss! Cool 

I’m also interested in getting a pic of my car. It is a Racing green, Mark 2 reg W335 VKJ. I went up the hill in the red group at about 11:00